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1 years old baby suddenly rolled her eyes twitch, mother’s move touched countless people! Baby son – Sohu rolled her eyes twitch, mom running more than and 10 minutes at around 1 p.m., after lunch she is funny son play, suddenly on the table a bottle of mineral water fell down, hit the child’s feet. When the frightened cry immediately, quickly breath, then roll up. Ms. sun was frightened and panic, she did not wear shoes, holding a 20 pound son to a nearby health station running. "About two kilometers from my home to the health station, I ran for about more than and 10 minutes." Fortunately, after the child sent to the clinic, the symptoms will ease soon. At this time, Ms. sun was aware of the soles of the feet came from burning feeling, she leaned down, only to find that the soles of the feet are large blisters dense, her bare feet were badly burned at high temperature. Although the soles of terrible pain, but Ms. sun did not attend her, she immediately sat on the 120 ambulance, continue to accompany his son to the hospital for further examination and treatment. The exclusion of hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, electrolyte disorders, is currently considering children ‘breath attack. ". The disease is common in children under three or four years old, crying will appear convulsions, breathing difficulties and other symptoms, the predisposing factors associated with the child’s personality, temper is relatively large children are more likely to fall ill. But doctors also said that these diseases are usually not life-threatening, with the child’s age, personality development is stable, generally will not attack. 50 degrees centigrade, contact a few minutes will have blisters son condition is clear, this is only to cure the soles of the feet scald. Ms. Sun said, in desperation, he didn’t realize it at the time as the sun was at noon, the ground will have so much damage. Dongguan highest temperature reached 30 degrees during the day, Dongguan meteorological department also issued a yellow warning signal high temperature. Coupled with the midday sun, outdoor surface temperature soared, can reach 50 degrees celsius. At that time, both soles of the feet were scalded sun, a lot of blisters, we doctors and nurses are very moved to see. Usually, the human body has a certain degree of tolerance to temperature of about 45 DEG C, the skin will feel pain, temperature greater than 50 degrees, four or five minutes of contact will burn the formation of blisters, if 60 degrees contact with the skin for a minute, it will cause three degree burns. At that time, Ms. sun barefoot in the sun run, the ground temperature about 50 degrees Celsius, coupled with long contact time, burns is not surprising. However, after a timely treatment, she recovered very well under the soles of the feet. The weather is getting hot, and the safety hazard: as the summer vacation, children’s safety question period, all kinds of risks as a "killer" like children stay at home as the shadow follows the form, no matter in or go out to play, parents must always keep an eye on the child’s every act and every move, let the children away from the accident is not necessary, safe and healthy growth! Ms. sun, who lives near Ruian Wansong Park, July 10th night at 6:30, she as usual with her 2 year old son to play in the park. They enter from the south gate, a lot of lights on the small square at the entrance. "I didn’t notice it, son."相关的主题文章: