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15 classic drama – Emmy was ignored as entertainment news entertainment Sohu Sohu television Oscar, Emmy has a pivotal position in the minds of all TV, if you can get an Emmy for sure that in the outside world, absolutely is a good embodiment of the quality of the series. So, is it possible for all of the best TV shows to win an Emmy? This is not the case! Many of the classic and popular drama, it was callous disregard emmy. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in the eyes of many people, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is too young to have been ignored with Emmy, "age of love" (Dawson’s Creek) and "the OC" (The OC), but there is no denying that. "Vampire hunter has a huge influence on the audience" buffy. "Gilmore girls" "Gilmore girls" (Gilmore Girls) is a bit similar to the last century, the 90s classic drama "the golden girls" (Golden Girls) of the spinoff, in this drama, many aspects deserve Emmy Award recognition, especially the heroine Lauren? Graham (Lauren Graham) in the film show. "The wire" as a highly appreciated classic drama critic, in the audience also received rave reviews, FireWire HBO television "(The Wire) a total of only actually won the Emmy nominated two times, and the two nominations are plays, as the drama itself or the actors who is even a nominated no touch, let alone stand on the podium of the Emmy awards. "Doctor who" although it is difficult to obtain the appearance in the British drama Emmy Award opportunities, but taking into account the "Downton Manor" (Downton Abbey) in the Emmy fame, so people have to BBC television science fiction drama "doctor who" longevity (Doctor Who) who, this drama even one has not been nominated. Rosan family life as the 90s classic comedy, "family life" (Roseanne) has been nominated for 25 Emmy Awards, including the last laugh in the last 4. Why will this drama was included in the Emmy Award ignored the ranks, just because of this classic comedy, its has never won the "best comedy", this is really very confusing. "Hannibal" NBC television crime drama "Hannibal" (Hannibal) ratings is not good, but "mad men" (Mad Men) ratings is not how, since the latter can appear in the annual Emmy nomination list, but also won many awards, but also by the critics praised the "Hannibal" that was the 0 time Emmy nomination. The "Star Trek" "Star Trek" (Star Trek) the original TV series.相关的主题文章: