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200 guests went to Xiangxi to investigate the tourism boutique line Hunan internationalization (original title: 200 guests to Xiangxi boutique tour route). In from September 12th to 18th, 2016 China (Hunan) International Travel Business Conference and China Hunan international tourism festival was successfully held in our province. In the meantime, nearly 200 guests and media reporters from and outside China visited Jishou and Phoenix, Xiangxi, to inspect the tour routes. This is the first international travel business conference in Hunan and the Fifteenth International Tourism Festival in Hunan, China. The event was hosted by the National Tourism Administration and the Hunan Provincial People’s government. It was co hosted by Hunan Tourism Bureau and Zhangjiajie Municipal People’s government. It was opened in Zhangjiajie in September 12th and ended in September 18th. Activity attracted the world tourism organization, the World Federation of Asian tourism city, city tourism agency, the world tourism organization, tourism sustainable observation National Tourism Association and other international and regional organizations, officials, Russia, France, Philippines, South Korea, Holland, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Britain, Israel and other countries and the area of nearly more than 500 travel business and media representatives. The traveling salesmen’s conference and Tourism Festival jointly launched three boutique tourist routes for guests. Among them, Xiangxi’s participation in "Zhangjiajie + Phoenix + Huaihua" is the first boutique tourist route. Nearly 200 guests chose this excellent tour line, and went to Xiangxi to investigate the scenic spots such as the Walled Village, Phoenix Town and other scenic spots, and watched the real performance of the border town. (Hunan Tourism Bureau website)

200名嘉宾到湘西州考察旅游精品线 湖南国际化(原标题:200名嘉宾到湘西州考察精品旅游线路)9月12日至18日,2016中国(湖南)国际旅行商大会暨中国湖南国际旅游节在我省顺利举行。其间,来自境内外的近200名嘉宾和媒体记者到湘西州吉首、凤凰等地考察精品旅游线路。这是湖南省首次举办国际旅行商大会,也是第十五届中国湖南国际旅游节。本次活动由国家旅游局、湖南省人民政府主办,湖南省旅游局、张家界市人民政府共同承办,9月12日在张家界开幕,9月18日结束。活动吸引了世界旅游组织、世界旅游城市联合会、亚洲城市旅游振兴机构、世界旅游组织旅游可持续观测点、美国全国旅游协会等国际和地区组织官员,俄罗斯、法国、菲律宾、韩国、荷兰、老挝、日本、泰国、新加坡、英国、越南、以色列等国家和地区的近500多名旅行商和媒体代表参加。本次旅行商大会和旅游节共为嘉宾设计推出三条精品旅游线路,其中湘西州参与的“张家界+凤凰+怀化”为第一条精品旅游线路。近200名嘉宾选择此条精品旅游线路,先后到湘西州考察了矮寨大桥、凤凰古城等景区,并观看《边城》实景演出。(湖南省旅游局网站)相关的主题文章: