2016 China Hospital Congress-borderland

The 2016 conference will be held China hospital [Abstract] industry experts gathered 2016 Chinese event held on the November 17-19 hospital conference at the Beijing Convention Center, the conference aims to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation, promote the development of hospital reform". Around the theme of "health and hospital construction China reform and development", the meeting invited government departments leaders, academicians and experts of hospital management and related academic institutions and scholars as a speaker, host and guest reviews, about 4000 of the hospital and the hospital management will attend the meeting. General Assembly President, President of the China Hospital Association, the CPPCC National Committee, the CPPCC National Committee, deputy director of UNESCO, Huang Jiefu, President of the Hospital Management Institute of Tsinghua University will make a wonderful speech. Chinese Hospital Association executive vice president and Secretary General Xue Xiaolin presided over the opening ceremony. Vice president of the Chinese Hospital Association, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Chen presided over the main forum. Medical Reform Office of the State Council director, deputy director of the national health and Family Planning Commission Wang Hesheng on "deepening medical and health system reform to promote the healthy Chinese construction" keynote report, interpretation of health policy and health Chinese construction objectives and tasks. The industry will focus on topics, three doctors linkage and deputy director of Fujian Province medical insurance medical insurance management committee office director Zhan Jifu "and promoting the reform of public hospitals steadily, as well as vice president, China Academy of Engineering Fan Daiming of the national health and medical institutions of National Development Strategy Research Report" will also be launched in the main forum conference. Xue Xiaolin, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Hospital Association, will interpret the Chinese Hospital Association patient safety goals (2017 edition). The meeting will also be held in China Hospital Association in 2016 outstanding hospital dean and outstanding contribution award. After the hospital managers will carry out excellent sub field of hospital management and hospital management experience to share international experience sharing. Around the hot industry, the conference opened with eight special topics, namely: "the classification treatment system construction and public hospital relocation"; "to adjust the operation mechanism of three doctors linkage with public hospitals;" pay compensation mechanism reform and the adjustment of the hospital ";" the modern hospital management system and hospital management system reform "Cross Strait; personnel salary system reform and upgrade of hospital management"; "diversified medical and hospital development"; "health industry development opportunities, and practice of" hospital ";" The Belt and Road "national strategy for hospital opportunities and challenges". Style show is also a bright spot for the meeting, namely, China – Central and Eastern European countries hospital cooperation alliance and the third world in the eyes of the president’s photography exhibition. The content of the academic presentation is a good example of patient safety and quality improvement, which is concerned by hospital managers". During the meeting will be held in the Chinese Hospital Association nursing management Specialized Committee election meeting and the 2016 annual meeting of nursing management. According to different professional categories, five sub forum will be held during the general assembly, the contents are: "under the new situation, the development direction of maternal and child health care institutions and historical responsibility"; "infectious disease hospital management under the new situation;" infection management "under the new situation of Hospital; clinical laboratory management under the new situation" patients.相关的主题文章: