2016 demand trends in the United States and the truth of the 2017 stay in the United States-polartec

2016 the trend of demand for the United States and the application for truth education in 2017 of the United States have always been the areas of high concern for the Chinese people. As one of the most important higher education, with the rapid growth of residents’ wealth and China’s deeper and deeper integration into the global resource allocation, overseas higher education resources have entered the educational options of more Chinese families. According to the data provided by the Ministry of education, the total number of overseas students in China in 2015 is 523 thousand and 700, among them, the number of people who study abroad is the first choice country, and the number of students studying in the United States is 300 thousand. The increasingly large Chinese middle-class family has lifted the largest wave of study in Chinese history, and there are also many problems that are causing deep concern under the heat wave. In recent years, a significant increase in the difficulty of undergraduate and postgraduate applications in the United States reflects the complement of opportunities and challenges in the international world. Looking back and looking forward to the application season of 2016 and 2017, it is not difficult to find the application season, because the successive plagiarism events, the reform of the application process and the surge of applicants have greatly increased the difficulty of studying abroad. Therefore, to understand the current international market, especially the trend and mainstream needs to study in the United States can make into account more early and medium-term decision study preparation, so as to achieve the students to know the study in the world "". In addition to the rapid increase in the number of foreign students, the trend and choice of the new trend of study abroad have emerged. Based on 2297 respondents for their children to study overseas demand for research, FT Research Institute found that undergraduate students and students in primary and secondary schools continue to expand, during the period of 2007-2012, China U.S. F-1 visa number of high school students grew from 6541 to 48636, 5 years increased by 7 times. The study section of Chinese students is increasingly diversified. The United States, Britain, Australia and Canada are the four main destination countries for Chinese students. Among them, the United States is always the first choice for Chinese students to go abroad for further education. According to the US Open report, in the 201415 academic year, the total number of Chinese students in the United States reached 304040, an increase of nearly 11% compared with the previous year, accounting for 31% of the total number of students studying in the United States. At the same time, it has been found that Germany is also a very important destination for studying abroad. The increase in the number of undergraduate students is faster than the number of graduate students. From the 2005-2006 school year to the 2013-2014 school year, the number of Chinese students in the United States to the United States has increased faster than the number of Chinese students in the United States. In the 2005-2006 academic year, only 9309 people went to the United States to study undergraduate courses. In the 2013-2014 academic year, the number of Chinese undergraduates studying in the United States reached 110550, almost the same as those who went to the United States. In addition, due to the various countries of the region’s advantages of different style of education, according to different stages of education, the choice of destination is not the same, primary and secondary education such as Canada, Singapore is relatively more attractive, while the United States and Germany MBA graduate education more attractive. Studying in the United States is more attractive to families in higher – level cities, while Britain, Australia and Singapore are more attractive in the three – line cities. The average budget for the parents to study for their children is 310 thousand yuan per year, of which 65% of the parents have a budget of RMB 10-30 million yuan per year. The US undergraduate application has known the overall demand and trend of the study abroad market. As the preferred country of study abroad, what are the new reforms of the US undergraduate application in 2017? What kind of applicant has the most advantage? What’s the difference between the results of EA, ED and RD? You are busy applying for a group of partners, temporarily put down the language test and application materials, together to see the 2017 beauty of the application of the dynamic and the truth. The application of the major reform of the application system in 2016 and 2017 was the gorgeous division of the year. Not only does SAT usher in 10 years of reform, but also the new application system CAAS has been launched in American universities. Even the application system of California university has changed the everlasting application documents. The new application system, CAAS, can prevent material fraud, because it requires students to start applying at the beginning of the third year. Those packaged short-term activities or even fictitious activities are unable to upload information about activities in a few years. Even in the traditional Common application system, there are more and more universities that require students to provide videos, or twitter and Facebook links, so that the admissions officer can know more truthful students. It can be predicted, the school will have new tricks Everfount, in a more scientific way to the selection of screening the surge in the number of applicants to evaluate students in a more comprehensive and in-depth details of the evidence collected, and we can do is focus on these new changes, in a timely manner to show us the one and only the competitiveness of the school. Three class students have a clear admission advantage with overseas study background (read more than two years in the United States and other English speaking countries), certification authority IB / A-Level AP international standardized test scores or excellent courses, domestic top high school studying background, if the student has the three kinds of background, in the application to have obvious advantages than the other the background of the students. For example, students in the international class of eleven schools in Beijing have a great advantage in applying for UCSD. In the case of UCSD’s rejection of a high grade student this year, the students in the eleven schools in Beijing received a lower score for their admission. In previous years, students in some remote areas (such as Xinjiang) had an admissions advantage, but this year the advantage had disappeared. Of course, it is not to say that the students of the three backgrounds have the advantage. For example, in the us the students read, even the time of complete learning SAT are not; IB and A-Level course is very difficult, want to have a good GPA is difficult; and domestic top high school students will also because of too many competitors, as with Prince reading fodder. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable course for your own school. If you want to go to a top university, you should first consider entering the most suitable high school for your future development, and plan the schedule of every school year before you start high school. After school, students need to consider how to from the multi angle to prove their learning ability, such as scientific papers in some certain technical content and academic content, in the gold content of the academic competition (such as the national Olympiad) and won the two prize awards above provincial level, or participate in the AP test methods. EA and ED the results of admission was significantly better than that of RD early Shen (EA) as a recruitment strategy, for the school, not only can greatly reduce the enrollment rate (Yield Rate) on the uncertainty (as early as Shen admitted students must give up other school application, you know) is the most direct way to apply early the students to express their love for the goddess of the school. The existence of ED is of special significance for Chinese applicants. The number of international students admitted by many Chinese applicants is limited, but with the increase of the number of Chinese students in recent years, the number of places has not increased correspondingly, which directly causes the difficulty of Chinese students’ application. Under such a big background, it is a great opportunity for Chinese students to get an admission through a less crowded ED. For the big U, the ED phase will enroll nearly 1/3 of the number, which means that the competition in the regular application phase will be very intense. Relatively speaking, some of the smaller Liberal and Arts College schools are less pitiful to Chinese students. If we miss this round of ED, the probability of getting matriculation through RD will be very small. >

2016留美需求趋势及2017留美申请真相  教育历来是国人高度关注的领域。作为其中最为重要的高等教育,随着居民财富的快速增长以及中国越来越深入地融入到全球资源配置中,海外高等教育资源进入更多中国家庭的教育选项。据教育部提供的数据,2015年度我国出国留学人员总数为52.37万人,其中,作为留学目的首选国家,赴美留学人数突破30万大关。  日益庞大的中国中产富裕家庭掀起了中国历史上最大规模的留学浪潮,而热浪下也不乏引发深思的问题症结。近几年,美国本科和研究生申请难度的大幅增加很好地体现了留学世界中机遇与挑战的相辅相成。回顾和展望2016、2017年的申请季不难发现,因为接二连三的考试抄袭事件、申请流程的改革、以及申请人数的激增都在很大程度上增加了留学申请的难度。  因此,了解当下留学市场,尤其是美国留学的趋势和主流需求可以让留学的前期决策以及中期准备的过程中纳入更多的考量因素,从而达到留学人员对于留学世界的“知己知彼”。   中国留学需求趋势调查  除了留学生数量的持续快速增加,新的留学趋势特点和选择已经显现。通过对2297位被访者对其子女海外留学需求进行调研,FT研究院发现本科留学和中小学留学人群不断扩大,2007-2012年期间,中国赴美持F-1签证的高中生数量由6541人增长到了48636人,5年间增长了7倍。  中国留学生的学段分布日益多元化。美国、英国、澳洲、加拿大是中国留学生的四大主要留学目的国,其中,美国始终是中国留学人员出国深造的第一选择。根据美国《开放报告》,2014 15学年,中国在美留学生总数达304,040人,相比上一年增长近11%,占各国在美留学总人数的31%。同时,从调研中发现,德国也是非常重要的留学目的地。  就读本科的人数增速超过就读研究生人数增速。从2005-2006学年至2013-2014学年,中国赴美读本科的人数增长速度快于中国赴美读研人数的增长。2005-2006学年仅有9309人赴美就读本科,而到2013-2014学年,中国赴美就读本科的人数则达到了110550人,几乎与当年赴美就读研究生的人数持平。  此外,由于各个国家地区的不同教育优势风格,根据不同阶段教育的需求,目的地的选择也不尽相同,如加拿大、新加坡的中小学教育相对更具吸引力,而美国和德国的研究生 MBA教育更具吸引力。留学美国更吸引高级别城市的留学家庭,而英国、澳洲和新加坡在三线城市的吸引力相对更高。  各受访父母对子女留学的平均预算为31万元人民币每年,其中65%的父母安排的预算在10-30万元人民币每年。   美国本科申请  了解了留学市场的总体需求和趋势,作为留学首选国,2017年的美国本科申请又有哪些新的改革?到底什么样的申请者最具优势?EA、ED、RD的录取结果又有何不同呢?各位忙于申请的小伙伴们,暂时放下手中的语言考试和申请材料,一起来看看2017美本申请的动态与真相吧。  申请系统大改革  2016年和2017年申请,是美本申请华丽的分割年。不仅SAT迎来10年来一次的改革,美国大学也推出了新的申请系统CAAS,连加州大学申请系统也把亘古不变的申请文书题目换掉了。  新推出的申请系统CAAS能够很好的防治材料造假,因为它要求学生最早在初三就需要开始申请,那些包装出来的短期活动,甚至虚构的活动,是没有办法连续几年上传活动进程资料。甚至传统的Common申请系统,也有越来越多的大学要求学生提供视频,或者twitter、facebook链接,方便招生官了解更真实的学生。  可以预测的是,校方们会有源源不断的新奇招数,以更科学的遴选方式去筛查数量激增的申请人,以更全面且深入细节的证据搜集方式去评价学生,而我们能做的就是关注这些新增变化,及时向校方展示我们独一无二的竞争力。  三类学生具有明显录取优势  具有海外学习背景(在美国等英语系国家读书超过两年),优异的AP考试成绩或标准化国际课程IB/A-Level的权威认证,国内顶尖高中的就读背景,如果学生具有这三类背景,在申请中要比其他背景的同学具有明显优势。  举个例子,北京十一学校国际班的学生,在申请UCSD,就有很大的优势。在今年UCSD拒绝一片高分同学的情况下,北京十一学校的学生反而以较低的分数获得该校的录取。在往年,一些偏远地区(如新疆)的学生具有录取优势,但是今年这种优势已经消失。  当然,也不是说三种背景的学生都有优势。比方说,在美高读书的同学,甚至连完整的学习SAT的时间段的都没有;IB和 A-Level课程难度很大,想有好的GPA较为困难;而国内顶尖高中的学生也会因为竞争者太多,成了陪太子读书的炮灰。  因此,选择适合自己的课程,适合自己的学校,是非常必要的。而想去顶尖大学读书,首先要考虑考入最适合自己未来发展的高中,并在高中开始前规划好每一学年的进度任务。入学后,学生需要从考量如何多角度证明自己的学习能力,如参加一些一定技术含量和学术含量的科技论文,参加有含金量的学术竞赛(如全国奥林匹克竞赛)并获得省级二等奖以上的奖状,或者参加AP考试等方法。  EA 和ED录取结果明显好于RD  早申(EA)作为一种招生策略,对学校来说,不仅仅可以大幅地减少入学率(Yield Rate)上的不确定性(因为早申被录取的学生必须放弃其他学校的申请),要知道早申可是同学们表达对女神校爱意的最直接方式。  ED存在对于中国的申请者来说,有着特别的意义。很多中国申请者所亲睐的名校录取国际学生的名额都是有限的,但随着近年中国学生申请人数的增加,名额并没有相应增加,直接造成中国学生的申请难度剧增。在这种大背景之下,能够通过还没那么拥挤的ED拿到录取,无疑是中国学生的一个绝好机会。对于大U来说,ED阶段会录取将近三分之一的名额,这意味着,常规申请阶段的竞争将是非常激烈的。相对来说,一些规模比较小的大学和文理学院(Liberal Arts College)本来留给中国学生的名额就少地可怜,如果错过了ED这一轮,通过RD来获得录取的概率会变得很小。 >相关的主题文章: