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2016 car – Yekaterinburg – Eurasian Russia Sohu tourism photo: Mike Chen Meng (Chen Yong) micro signal: chinachenyong car driving to Germany to Europe: Tyumen – Yekaterinburg D21 329 kilometers more vehicles on the road, relatively slow driving. Arrive in Yekaterinburg at three p.m.. Yekaterinburg Rambo church. Rambo church was built in 2000-2003, Byzantine style. It was built in the last czar Nicola S the family residence on the site. On the night of 17 July 1918, Nicola II was moved from the upstairs to the basement of the house. (before the basement area is now 15) this was the basement of the photo captain Yurovsky announced that Ural area Soviet Executive Committee decided to shoot them. Nicola S didn’t react. The gunman fired at them immediately. A total of 11 people were killed, including Nicola S and his wife, their four daughters and a minor son (Figure 6). In addition, the doctor Botkin two servants and a chef. The church is still the bottom of a small museum, tells the story of the last czar. The history is over, and now the church is the place where the locals get married and take photos. There are preoccupied by some troubles. Asia Europe drive ~ drive to Germany D22: Yekaterinburg visit Yekaterinburg today. Yekaterinburg was founded in 1723 and named after queen Ekaterina I. The Russian Federal District of Ural city center, Swerdlow J, the state capital of Ural and Russian Federation, is an important industrial, transportation, trade, scientific and cultural center. Iset dam was built in the 1723 dam, 209 meters long, 42.5 meters wide, 6.5 meters high. River Pavilion, fountain, sculpture. Yekaterinburg City, Yekaterinburg City, founder of memorial statue in 1723 to build the city, planning and design is tile · Nigeria · Tatyana Ziv and watt · Iran · de · magainin. This is the statue of two people. This is the center of the city of Yekaterinburg, but also a good place for local entertainment, leisure. River scenery good Pavilion is on the edge of the gas Jieya Ivanov Xie Gong, in 2009 the BRICs summit held here. This is the construction of the dam period, processing plant equipment. The first is the 1826 forging equipment. At that time, when we are still China the decline of the Qing Dynasty, before the first Opium War was not the basic industries close the country to international intercourse. The western countries have been in the forefront of the industrial revolution. Yekaterinburg has always been an important transport hub, industrial base and science and education center, is an important military industrial production base in Russia, but also for the Russian Central Military Command headquarters. City G相关的主题文章: