2016 who are good welfare hiking raised about 4700000 yuan in Beijing-steam_api.dll

2016 who are good welfare hiking raised about 4700000 yuan – Beijing Beijing in September 24 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ximin) hosted the 2016 suning.com by the Chinese foundation for poverty alleviation? Who are good welfare hiking return day activities held in Beijing 24, the good person of public welfare activities raised a total amount of about 4700000 yuan. The good man is China mainland first hundred kilometers welfare hiking, is the third this year, the Chinese foundation for poverty alleviation, Changping District people’s government, who are good to encourage participants to "close to nature and self challenge experience forms by challenging 100 km or 50 km, to relatives and friends to raise money, the concept of public welfare practice" every step will bring change ". 2016 good deeds since April 20th registration began, as of the end of September 22nd 24:00 fundraising, 800 teams, 3200 players experienced 153 days of fundraising challenges, brought together 49236 people’s love for Guizhou poor mountain children raised 4710558.82 yuan. Among them, 1349317.28 yuan for the care package, can let 6747 children wear warm clothes; 2099506.2 yuan for the reconstruction of love the kitchen, let 42 poor village primary school children eat healthy meals; 1261735.34 yuan for the "children with plan", let 25 people love left-behind children village. According to reports, within three years, nearly 10000 people who are good at gathering station starting point at the Juyongguan the Great Wall. There were from 27 provinces, 79 cities, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and the United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Kenya, Nepal, New Zealand, Sultan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malaysia, Britain, South Korea and other good deeds are not afraid of difficulties and challenges involved in public welfare activities, support. Return to the scene of the day, the Organizing Committee of excellence on 2016 outstanding teams were commended for the award, the 31 team won the honorary title of the team, the 37 team won the title of super good walker. (end)相关的主题文章: