Understand the G20 market is a delicate period of global financial coordination of the RMB htc802w

Read G20 Market: a global financial coordination of RMB a delicate period hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Read the G20 market is related to global financial coordination Zhou Ailin China’s first hosting of the group of twenty (G20) summit will be held on September 4~5 in Hangzhou. In less than a week’s time, the global capital markets have been transferred to the G20 channel, the leaders of the participating countries may have little impact on the market, providing the basis for the parties to the transaction. Exchange market bear the brunt of. As early as in July this year, the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting held in Chengdu, the parties have said that the foreign exchange market will discuss closely to avoid competitive devaluation, and against all forms of protectionism. "At the previous G20 summit, we expect the leaders to reaffirm that commitment." CICC chief economist Liang Hong said that the probability of a significant adjustment of the RMB exchange rate before and after the summit did not. Ordinary investors are more concerned about the performance of A shares. In fact, various agencies have recently mentioned the "G20 market", are held early in the summit, market parties will in order to stabilize the main small probability sharply downward, some white stock may continue to take the cattle. The bond market, as early as February of this year, G20 will release the bulletin of fiscal and monetary easing of the two signals, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) also called for a loose monetary policy and fiscal policy and structural reforms, promote global economic growth. Therefore, in today’s asset shortage has not yet improved, the bond market has continued to take the basis of cattle. RMB in delicate period before the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen on the weekend of the "hawks" position, after October 1st formally incorporated into SDR (SDR) of the key nodes, plus Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan in July this year in Chengdu during the G20 meeting of finance ministers and central bankers "to maintain the basic stability of the RMB", is in a delicate period. August 26th, the Federal Reserve released the interest rate signal to make the RMB against the U.S. dollar jumped 100 basis points, but in the end still firmly hold the bottom line of 6.7. China’s central bank to avoid offshore – onshore RMB spreads to expand the intention of the offshore RMB against the U.S. dollar in the case of a strong increase in the dollar is still able to maintain the stability of the main reason." Zhou Hao, senior economist at Commerzbank said. AVIC trust macro strategy director Wu Zhaoyin on the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said that the 6.7 may be the recent bottom line of the RMB against the U.S. dollar, "because Chinese still enjoys a current-account surplus, so there is no major basis in currency devaluation, temporary capital flow, will only lead to short-term depreciation of the renminbi." Zhou Xiaochuan has said in Chengdu, the current RMB exchange rate on a basket of currencies remained basically stable, market confidence to further stabilize. China will continue to improve the market supply and demand in the future相关的主题文章:

Beijing – net exposure teacher to help her daughter advertising by security Wuguan own fall brawl www.sdosta.org.cn

Net exposure teacher to help her daughter advertising by security group Wuguan: he fell – Beijing "seven or eight Wuguan staff told me a frail scholar was playing I also cuff and kick, trying to escape." The day before yesterday, WeChat users claimed that a more than and 50 year old teacher in Jiangxi Wuguan brawl in Kunming, broken finger to friends for help. Why teachers will be Wuguan assault? What is the truth of the matter? Yesterday, the reporters came to a holy product area, through the investigation, it began from the teacher in the village to help her daughter from Steam Museum advertising alone, Wuguan security after the discovery of conflict. For the group of teachers say, the residential property management security captain said: "the security in the chase process, have pulled, but did not beat the teacher, as is his injured finger fracture." Broke the news Jiangxi teachers were beaten in Kunming Wuguan reporter noted that the message was issued on August 27th, broke the news that he was a middle-aged teacher in Jiangxi, Chongwen, Huang Min, a middle school teacher. Summer vacation to Kunming’s daughter home vacation. His daughter opened a Steam Museum in Kunming and a partner, opened in July 30th. The afternoon of August 9th at 6:30 pm, he went to the East Second Ring Road in Kunming district is the daughter of Saint Shiyi product Steam Museum distribute advertisement leaflets. Residential property management to stop, he stopped issuing behavior. Huang Min said that the district property management personnel asked him to take back the distribution of leaflets out, he went to collect. He was asked to go to the office to handle the matter. So he did not think that, in the process, seven or eight young Wuguan staff suddenly to him when he tried to avoid the cuff and kick, also chasing play, and all this is happening in the area of property management leadership under the watchful eyes of. Huang Min said that after being hit, he immediately reported to the police. In addition to the body multiple soft tissue contusion, hurt the most serious is the right thumb fracture, a metacarpal fracture. He went to the Yunnan Provincial People’s hospital 7 days to live in the hospital, the doctor said surgery, can only be fixed with a splint, do not take medicine, to its natural repair, at least for more than 3 months, the right thumb may also be disabled. In order to prove their claims, Huang Min also came up with the Guandu District Public Security Bureau police station issued a certificate of identification of injury. His injury was identified as minor injuries two. Argument to help her daughter made propaganda small advertising teachers were beaten in the district yesterday, the reporter called Huang Min phone. He said that when he saw the door of the district is not closed, there is no security on duty. Then, he went to help her daughter the technician in single cell advertising. In building the security on duty without stop, he took the elevator to the upstairs, in order not to affect the household, he will name card on the doorknob. When he was discovered by security guards, he made forty or fifty. Security asked him what to do? He answered, the family opened a Steam Museum, to propagandize. Two security guards told him not to send, and asked him to wait for the leadership of the property management office. Conversation, because the other side has been speaking dialect, Huang Min can only listen to a clear word is that he was called to take possession of small ads. He agreed at once to get it. At this time, the district’s seven or eight staff on beating the newspaper相关的主题文章:

Shaanxi anti fraud center to more than 3800 yuan in the capital Beijing – in www.09955.com

Shaanxi: anti fraud center to more than 3800 yuan in the capital – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Xi’an November 14th news (reporter Zhang Junhe) reporter from the Shaanxi provincial anti fraud telecommunications network center was informed that, as one of the first national built 7 anti fraud upgrade center, Shaanxi province to combat telecommunications network model crime Information Center since July was opened answer the telephone consultation, the masses more than 3700 people, involving more than 3858 yuan to 1626 yuan, frozen. As of now, the people’s Bank of Chinese Xi’an branch, Shaanxi Banking Bureau, the Shaanxi Provincial Communications Authority and China Mobile, China Unicom, telecom Shaanxi branch of the three operators, and Chinese bank, agricultural bank, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, postal savings bank and other 11 institutions have settled the anti fraud center, 35 commercial banks with the province has not settled and built a dedicated liaison mechanism, the center to take 24 hours to complete the duty system, telephone number query, sending text messages to remind and Feng Ting, blocking the accounts involved, payment functions such as query, frozen. According to reports, the future will accelerate the construction of anti fraud center intercept telephone fraud, the bank card system for rapid closure technology and the provincial and municipal anti fraud center linkage platform as soon as possible to form the provincial and municipal levels of anti fraud center "information sharing, synthesis operations, rapid response, the overall linkage, to for professionals, to the overall architecture of quick" and the operation mechanism, build a new anti telecommunications network crimes "firewall", to enhance the overall efficiency of governance to combat telecommunications fraud, safeguard people’s property safety. The day before, the Security Department of Alibaba group also settled in Shaanxi province official anti fraud center, will be involved in the inquiry, money fraud account closure, fraud data analysis and provide the support of large data source.相关的主题文章:

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