The president of the state disdains the U.S. Department of state spokesman to speak to Obama visualboyadvance

Soil president "disdain" U.S. State Department spokesman: to speak to Obama original title: Turkish president "disdain" U.S. State Department spokesman according to Xinhua news agency, Turkey’s president El Erdogan 19, U.S. State Department spokesman John · said Kirby "disdain". "I don’t talk with him (Kirby), I want to speak to Obama." El expresses. El Kirby and Erdogan "Liangzi" the reason is that the United States refused to take a Syria organization and its affiliated Kurdish armed factions as a terrorist organization in accordance with the requirements of Turkey, also did not support the Turkey capital of Ankara on the recent attacks mastermind recognition result. "" and "YPG" are the branches of the PKK in Turkey, which is designated by the Turkey government as a terrorist organization in Syria, which is not the principle of PYD. As an ally of Turkey in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the United States has also listed the PKK as a terrorist organization. However, the United States regards Kurdish armed forces in Syria as the main effective force against extremist organization Islamic state, and refuses to classify the Kurdish Democratic Alliance Party and the people’s protection forces as terrorist organizations, which causes the strong dissatisfaction of the Turkey government. Kirby said 8, "even if the best friend is not everything the same view, Syria Kurdish fight against Islamic state" is the most successful one of the forces". The next day, Turkey summoned the U.S. ambassador to Turkey, a protest against Kirby’s position. On the 10 day, El expressed his dissatisfaction bluntly: "Hey, America, how many times do we have to tell you?" Are you standing with us, or are you standing with PYD and YPG terrorist groups?…… You have to have principles, but we don’t see them." The United States refused to compromise and the US side did not give in. State Department deputy spokesman Mark · Daytona later said the United States insists that the PKK is a terrorist organization. However, there is an obvious difference between the PKK and the people’s protection force. "We believe that the people’s protection forces have been fighting against the Islamic state in Syria so far, and we have supported them all the time." At least 28 people were killed in a bomb attack in Ankara on 17 july. The government of Turkey has confirmed that the attackers were under the command of the people’s protection force. However, the United States government did not support the earthwork statement. Kirby said in a press conference, the United States, hit the "undecided" culprit "neither confirm nor deny the conclusion of earth". Kirby also "people’s protection force" called "brave Kurdish soldiers". El 19 reiterated, "no doubt", the attack by the Kurdish Democratic Alliance Party and the "people’s protection forces" launched, the United States and other Western allies refused to admit that they are terrorist organizations, let earth "sad"". Obama was changed to U.S. President Obama 19 and Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the phone to discuss the situation in Syria, and the two "anti-terrorism cooperation". Reuters quoted Turkey people as saying that the call lasted 1 hours 207

土总统“不屑”美国务院发言人:要跟奥巴马通话   原标题:土总统“不屑”美国务院发言人   据新华社电土耳其总统埃尔多安19日对美国国务院发言人约翰·柯比表示“不屑”。“我不跟他(柯比)谈,我就要跟奥巴马通话了。”埃尔多安表示。   埃尔多安与柯比“结下梁子”的原因是,美国拒绝按照土耳其的要求把一个叙利亚库尔德人组织及其附属武装派别定为恐怖组织,也没有支持土耳其对最近首都安卡拉爆炸袭击案策划者的认定结果。   土批美“没原则”   土耳其认定库尔德民主联盟党(PYD)及附属武装组织“人民保护部队”(YPG)是土耳其的库尔德工人党在叙利亚的分支,后者被土耳其政府定为恐怖组织。   作为土耳其在北大西洋公约组织的盟友,美国也把库尔德工人党列为恐怖组织。但是,美国把叙利亚境内库尔德人武装视为对抗极端组织“伊斯兰国”的主要有效力量,拒绝把库尔德民主联盟党及“人民保护部队”划为恐怖组织,引发土耳其政府强烈不满。   柯比8日说,“即使最好的朋友也不是对每一件事都看法一致”,叙境内库尔德人武装是打击“伊斯兰国”“最成功的力量之一”。   次日,土耳其召见美国驻土耳其大使,就柯比的表态提出抗议。10日,埃尔多安直言不讳地表达不满:“嘿,美国,我们还要告诉你们多少次?你们是跟我们站在一起,还是跟PYD和YPG恐怖组织站在一起?……你们必须要有原则,但是我们没见到。”   美方拒绝让步   美方没有因此让步。国务院副发言人马克·托纳稍后表示,美国坚持认定库尔德工人党是恐怖组织。但是,库尔德工人党与“人民保护部队”之间有“明显”不同。“我们相信,‘人民保护部队’迄今着力在叙利亚与‘伊斯兰国’作战,因而我们一直支持他们。”   安卡拉17日遭到炸弹袭击,至少28人死亡。土耳其政府认定袭击者受到“人民保护部队”指使。但是,美国政府没有对土方说法予以支持。柯比在记者会上说,袭击元凶“未定”,美国“既不确认也不否定”土方结论。柯比还把“人民保护部队”称作“勇敢的库尔德战士”。   埃尔多安19日重申,“毫无疑问”,袭击由库尔德民主联盟党及“人民保护部队”发动,美国及其他西方盟友拒不承认它们为恐怖组织,让土方“难过”。   奥巴马未见改口   美国总统奥巴马19日与埃尔多安通电话,讨论叙利亚局势和两国“反恐合作”。路透社援引土耳其消息人士的话报道,通话持续1小时20分钟。   土耳其方面说,奥巴马支持土耳其的“自卫权”,同时就叙利亚境内的库尔德人武装在叙土边境地区扩大控制范围表达忧虑。   白宫方面说,奥巴马就安卡拉爆炸袭击向土方表示哀悼,“强调‘人民保护部队’不应该利用当前的地区形势进一步拓展地盘”,同时“敦促土耳其相应显示克制”,停止炮击叙利亚境内的库尔德人武装。   奥巴马和埃尔多安同意就打击“一切形式恐怖主义深化合作”,包括打击库尔德工人党。 责任编辑:瞿崑 SN117相关的主题文章:

[Japan] Okinawa flash tour, only to find the Ryukyu monuments – tourism Sohu

[Japan] Okinawa flash tour, only to find the Ryukyu monuments – Okinawa tourism Sohu formerly Okinawa, Ming and Qing Dynasties has been China vassal state, located in Japan Kyushu and Chinese between Taiwan, rich and unique natural environment. Here is in addition to Southeast Asia, Japan, China customs building, also has a unique American style, "Hawaii", is the home of karate. [] Shuri castle at the beginning of fifteenth Century, Ba Zhi Wang unified Okinawa, Ming Dynasty by surname, started building the first city. The Ryukyu kings are in the form of tribute and Sino Japanese trade, at the end of fifteenth Century when the most powerful. It is an important historical site Shuri castle of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan in 2000 was identified as the eleventh world cultural heritage. The first city is the Ryukyu Kingdom symbolic building, but the war in Okinawa was burned. Reconstruction in 1992, with the prototype of post-war residues as a model to copy the Tang style architecture. Here is the place where the king was dealing with state affairs, met with envoys and held important ceremonies, it combines the architectural features of Chinese, Japan and Okinawa island. Now the castle North Palace, Nangong, the first door and gate. The symbol is Front Gate shureimon Shuri castle is Okinawa, Japan or 2000 yen banknotes currency scenery (but feel the value is relatively rare, so I did not get too many times in Japan). On the door of "Shou lizhibang" plaque, meaning "Okinawa is a state of ceremonies", on behalf of the kingdom of Ryukyu, spiritual civilization and manners. Go all the way, visitors are not too much, so you can shoot a little more clean screen. This stone lion "China", at first glance very carefully look at the face is pretty dongying. The guardian of the gates into the lions, and the old gentleman in the pavilion guard. There is a small area around the fence to dig up, is to find the baby, right? The dragon gate spring ruiquan? Is said to be extremely sweet (just to the Chinese group of tourists, listen to the tour guide, but the) have a railing, or I’ll try to check with the past…… There is a stone beside the fountain, written by the Chinese envoy: "Zhongshan first". Why is it called Zhongshan? Check the information that the Ryukyu Islands appear in twelfth Century Zhongshan, Nanshan, Beishan three, respectively in the northern and central islands in the south. Thus, the first city place is central. The door is the first city in Guangfu Royal gate, go is the royal court. The royal court south "Beijing", is regarded as the birthplace of Shuri castle, is a religious shrine of the Ryukyu kingdom. The God of the royal court gate, the main hall of the first city. Guangfu in front of the platform, overlooking the Okinawa scenery. Behind is the most eye-catching in the hall is for the Ryukyu King fortifications and held an important ceremonial occasions, is one of Okinawa’s largest wooden structure, has a distinctive style of ryukyu. Into the main hall to buy tickets, 800 yen, we hurry to the pass, no go. Here is a group of tourists in India for photo, feel so embarrassed…… Don’t take相关的主题文章:

Shenzhen today to cancel the license plate number for license plate number selection to 50 1- punyu

Shenzhen today to cancel the license plate number for   license plate number selection to 50 1– car — original title: Shenzhen today to cancel the license plate number, license plate auction to 50 1 Shenzhen Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Cui Ningning Liu Ming) reporter yesterday from Shenzhen City Traffic Police Bureau, for further specification for vehicle pick business, Shenzhen city vehicle will be officially opened today in a unified national version of vehicle pick software. Pick the new system will cancel the license plate auction site selection mode from the 10 selected 1 to 50 pick 1, pick pool are unified in the city vehicle administration office point. Deputy chief of the vehicle management department of Shenzhen City Traffic Police Bureau Liu Jun said the opening of the new vehicle license plate after the upgrade of the selection methods will have four major changes: one is the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau upgrade chariotest pipe originally obtained license plate through the auction way to cancel the business system; two is chosen on the site for the 50 1 is three; Shenzhen City, a unified pool; four is the change in the way. Enable selection after the new system, will not be able to receive iron cards, the owners need to register at the scene by the mailing address, postal departments will be sent to the car owner in the iron card or the designated place. If you do not choose to mail, you can also apply to the business place to receive. At the same time, Liu Jun is still the scene, Shenzhen vehicle license plate to provide free installation, owners can install the license plate itself, all the plates will be mailed home, by postal personnel to provide on-site installation services. In addition, Liu Jun reminded the public, "the provisions of the abolition of license plate auction" is often said that the cancellation of the auction and the auction of vehicle beautiful card, this incremental index is different. "Bidding increment index" is popular in terms of want to get the license plate, needs to go to the transportation department auction vehicle index, in obtaining indicators, in order to select the vehicle license plate number, there is no change, so we still need to get the license plate auction. (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: