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Talk about tourism in troubles (6) – Society – people.com.cn Shandong Weihai Xixiakou tiger became a prop   money can be a National Day last year, I went to Shandong Weihai city Rongcheng Xixiakou scenic tourism. The park launched a prominent position in the project, including "close contact with animals". Here is the elephant and the tiger in the photo, there were crowded with people around. I saw a tiger lying on the ground, the body tied to chains, always half open eyes, motionless. As long as the visitors to the administrator money, you can close with the tiger photo. There have been many brave people willing to work with animal husbandry, and make a call, on the move. Such a close contact with the tiger, the lack of security measures, there are undoubtedly falls, scratches, bites the hidden danger. I think, scenic spots, scenic spots in order to improve their visibility, increase the attractiveness of the introduction of close contact with the animals of the project, is very dangerous, should be canceled. In addition, from a security point of view, it is best not to participate in such projects.   Yantai of Shandong city; Lijiang Shuhe town south of Venus   tea horse road accident injured tourists frightened horse last year’s National Day golden week, there were 12 people participated in the southwest of Guizhou Railway International Travel Agency in Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-La organization of the twin eight day tour. At 7 a.m. on September 30th, we arrived in Yunnan, Lijiang. According to our temporary arrangements for the tour group to pay 150 yuan each other, riding tour of the Lijiang town of Shuhe tea horse road. The weather is good, then warm air warm, flowers in full bloom, but in the riding tour of the tea horse road on the way, everyone after a pine forest slope, dump heavy rain. Chen and Luo regiment female tourists suddenly to see the rain, hurried to open the umbrella on the horse, the horse frightened. Chen was startled horse high into the air, landing fell on a pine tree trunk, suddenly fainted, multiple soft tissue injuries; Luo was also frightened the rain running horse down, hit a piece of stone in the forest on the left chest caused three broken ribs, body multiple soft tissue injuries. Luomou older in serious condition, tour arrangements, on the day of 22 flew to Kunming, and from Kunming flew to Guiyang, arriving at Guiyang Medical University to rescue 10 am, hospitalized for more than 3 months, eventually falling disability. The sudden accident let the frightened horse, group panic. Chen Chen accident victims, the brain is still often at that time panic scene. The frightened horse horse two owner surnamed Liu, the practitioners of the two horse occupation soon, without a tour guide qualification standard. The quick adventure practitioners, the main responsibility is the accident. The caravan contractor after the accident, Liu insisted that responsibility has nothing to do with. The travel agency responsible person associated with the accident of mutual responsibility after the accident, we have repeatedly and after consultation, to reach 4000 yuan compensation, but the agreement, private expenses "owner Liu compensation 1000 yuan purchase tickets return and compensation in the hospital for treatment of chen. A lot of private fund-raising tea caravan belongs to the nature of the business, generally not all certificates, no formal legal operating procedures, more perfect management)