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The 28 year old mother of premature uterine cut life last children suffering from various diseases in Beijing – Sichuan Chengdu news network September 29th news (reporter Liu Peipei) relatives and friends have advised her to give up, a heavy burden has made the family breathless; on the other side, as the mother of the baby is difficult to give up…… On the afternoon of September 28th, 28 year old Lee from Jianyang to the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, the children’s intensive care unit of the hospital to visit more than 3 months old son Rui rui. This is the mother and child seventh days. The doctor told her that the children have improved, she was a little relieved. In June 12th this year, Ms. Lee caesarean section Rui rui. Rui Rui is a premature infant, was found after birth of a variety of diseases. In September 22nd, he was admitted to the intensive care unit because of severe respiratory failure. "The doctor said no cure, as parents have no reason to give up!" said Ms. Lee, the process with Rui Rui very hard, after caesarean section, she also cut the uterus, Rui Rui is the last child in her life, she could not give up doll. The last child saved the child but the child premature miscarriage and sick mother hysterectomy night of June 11th this year, Ms. Lee lying in bed sleepless in Jianyang People’s Hospital. She is a child mother during pregnancy was diagnosed with placenta previa. The day she was in bad condition, the amount of bleeding is becoming more and more, the doctor advised her caesarean section, or may be life-threatening because of bleeding. At that time, Ms. Lee is less than 7 months pregnant, the child is destined to premature birth. The child will come to the world to meet with her mother, Ms. Lee has to look forward to more, but it is worried. June 11th night, she insomnia. "I have been in the heart to communicate with your baby, said the baby to be strong, and then your mother will be tired again, you have to refuel." Ms. Lee said. Second day at noon, Ms. Lee bleeding more, the doctor suggested that she immediately caesarean section of 1. Ms. Lee into the operation room, her husband had been anxiously waiting outside. "My mother and I have been waiting outside, more than 3 hours after the end of the operation of the wife, but because the baby is premature and live in the incubator." Mr. Zeng said. In the operation, in order to ensure the safety of Ms. Lee, the doctor removed her uterus. This means that this will be the last child in Lee’s life. The child is a boy, Lee called him Rui rui. However, as a result of premature birth, there are many complications: pulmonary hypoplasia, pulmonary infection, etc.. Later, Rui Rui was also found to have congenital heart disease and other diseases. Rui Rui lived in the incubator for more than and 20 days after the situation has improved, out of the hospital, but also has been home after oxygen inhalation. Later, Rui Rui because of the deterioration of the condition and once again live in Jianyang people’s hospital. September 22nd, Rui Rui because of severe respiratory failure transferred to the West China second hospital. Doctor: Rui Rui disease is treatable but difficult, high cost, long duration of the disease according to the deputy director of pediatric intensive medicine Li Deyuan, Rui Rui September 22nd hospital has serious respiratory failure and heart failure in children, into the ICU, immediately carried out tracheal intubation, ventilator assisted 2相关的主题文章: