40Operators retain user photos, to ensure safety|Operators retain user photos, to ensure safety4

The operator retained users photos, to ensure the safety of any Ministry recently said, the new mobile phone user name system has reached 100%, the next step, the user to the operating room to open the card, but also retained photos, to ensure the accuracy of the real name system (October 20th CCTV news). I have some concerns and doubts about this practice. First of all, my concern is that the data is like a double-edged sword, can kill, which in turn could hurt their. Xu Yuyu’s tragedy we still remember, its personal data is entered into the college entrance examination system, the data from the hands of hackers to buy data, the implementation of precise fraud. A year ago, due to data leakage caused by fraud, has been frequently reported in the newspapers. Retained photos are also facing the same risk. Face recognition is regarded as the next generation of identity audit technology, is being more and more people sought after, many high-tech companies around the world are developing. Compared to the name, ID number and other data, personal photos and fingerprints, iris, D N A, the higher the recognition and more sensitive. To be sure, with the progress of face recognition technology, personal face information will be the same as fingerprints, as a new key". But this is the "key" can also be used by people have an ulterior motive. Recently, researchers at the University of North Carolina has access to the user through social networks photos, and then use the V R technology to create 3D models of user’s face, just by virtue of the face model, was cheated 4 5 in face recognition system. My worry is that if criminals get a personal photo, address, bank account, there will be a face to break the ban, by the face of the risk of payment, individuals and society will pay a high price for this. I think, for the large-scale collection of new data, especially the photos, shall organize professional personnel to fully assess its risks and consequences, there is no conclusion in the assessment of the situation, should be cautious. Secondly, my concern is that if the operator is really necessary to retain the user photos, whether this requires a clear legal authority, and whether the user needs to obtain a clear consent? I noticed that in 2013 the implementation of the phone real name system at the beginning, the Ministry issued the "Regulations" to register the true identity of the phone user information, "the minister to make regulations to provide" personal "valid documents", but did not make demands on whether retained photos. In 2013, the Ministry has launched twenty-fourth orders "telecommunications and Internet users’ personal information protection regulations", the law provides that operators can collect user information, including: name, date of birth, address, ID number, phone number, account number and password can be used alone or in combination with other information recognition the user information and user services, time, location and other information". The provisions of the text did not explicitly mention the photo. So, operators want to retain the photos, whether it belongs to the list of words, we do not know. Legislation can not be a number of clear questions, a notice on the set, the program is adequate, justified? More importantly, as the competent department of the Ministry of industry, the Department issued its rules and decide how to collect personal information as well as the power of law. In 2012, the National People’s Congress passed