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Jewelry-Diamonds The price and look of a diamond are not only attributable to carat weight. The value is also closely tied to the stone’s particular cut. The ring’s setting is a vital aspect of its design, but its purpose is really in service to the diamond–the crowning jewel. There are eight main diamond cuts to consider when choosing the ring you’ll wear for the rest of your life: pear, round, princess, asscher, cushion, marquise, emerald, and heart. Each diamond cut imparts its own character and personality to the ring. When choosing a ring, it’s wise to try on rings that feature each of the cuts. Notice how the shape of the diamond influences the character of the ring and how it looks on your finger. Which is most becoming, given the shape of your hands? Which just feels right? Keep reading to find out which cuts are most popular and which will best fit your personality and personal style. Without question, the round cut diamond is the favorite among brides. Engagement rings featuring a round cut diamond may come with any variety of settings to enhance the natural beauty and brilliance of this cut, but it is the shining, bold, full-bodied stone that garners the praise. The round diamond is shaped like a cone, with the flatter, circular base being the facet that is visible when viewed head-on. But the fact the round cut diamond is the most popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best fit for you and your look. Keep reading to learn about more diamond cuts–there are plenty to choose from! Next in popularity to the round cut, are diamond rings featuring the princess cut and the pear cut. The princess cut is similar to the round diamond in that it comes to a point on one end and bears a flat surface on the other, visible end–resembling an inverted pyramid. The difference, however, is that the princess cut diamond is squared in shape. Another popular style, the pear-shaped diamond, features a stone that is cut in the shape of teardrop, with the point of the drop facing towards the wrist. But diamond rings and their cuts and styles go beyond these better-known options. Other acclaimed varieties include the emerald cut, the marquise, the cushion cut, the asscher cut and the heart-shaped diamond. Each has its own charm and appeal. While the emerald cut is a strong, pronounced rectangle, the cushion cut takes the rectangle and rounds the edges, giving the diamond a pillow-like appearance. The heart-shaped diamond’s name gives it away–ideal for the romantic bride! An elongated oval shape that comes to a point on both ends defines the marquise diamond–perfect for a delicate hand. Lastly, the asscher cut diamond bears an octagonal shape with a squared appearance. Each diamond cut is as personal and singular as the bride who will wear it–which is your perfect cut? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: