Brokerage plate strong pull up nearly 5% institutions said hunters opportunity has arrived 绥化学院地址

The brokerage sector pulled nearly 5% strong institutions called bargain has come to the securities times net (02) on Sept. 16 news Tuesday the market opened higher, stock index successfully stand on the 2800 mark. After the brokerage sector changed Monday intraday downturn strong move, plate or up to 4.66%, in the industry or the first list. In stocks, as of press time, the brokerage sector stocks rose across the board, the Dongxing securities trading; Western securities rose 8.04%, SDIC Shun, Orient Securities rose 6%; Shen Wan Hongyuan, Guotai Junan, state securities also have good performance. Market participants believe that, despite the recent weakness in the market, but the brokerage sector still has a good prospect, some stocks fell to lows or is it a bargain. CITIC, Guoxin, northeast, China yuan, China Everbright, China Sea and other brokerage stocks, has been close to last year’s stock market crash in the bottom of the stock, Guotai Junan has even below the previous low. Guotai Junan Securities researcher Feng Liang said, "especially large brokerage securities stocks is the stock market confidence in, a great impact on the index. If you can rebound, will be able to stabilize market confidence, the stock market has great significance for repairing." Feng Liang believes that between listed companies and securities industry equity pledge business risk control is relatively good, by means of additional shares, to pledge and so on, does not influence the safety of the securities industry’s own assets. His personal judgment, unlikely plate fell sharply in securities, unless the global financial crisis. The past stock price collapse has reflected the change of the basic brokerage. This industry is still a promising industry, the reform cannot do without the capital market, cannot do without direct financing. The expansion of three new board, IPO registration system, are good for brokerage. The state-owned asset securitization also rely on brokers to help package listed. It can be said that the business brokerage operation space is still very great. If the stock price fell below the previous low, probably is the long-term buy. Nanjing securities analyst Ji Yongfeng believes that because of the brokerage sector overall price approaching the previous low, can think of the plate the opportunity is coming. If the brokerage sector, the market will live. Now hold stock brokerage investors, should not sell, but should keep. (Securities Times Online News Center) [shares] into Sina Finance discussion

券商板块强势拉升近5% 机构称抄底机会已到来   证券时报网()02月16日讯   周二大盘高开高走,沪指成功站上2800整数关。盘中券商板块一改周一低迷盘中强势拉升,板块涨幅达4.66%,暂居行业涨幅榜第一。在个股方面,截至发稿,券商板块内个股全线上涨,其中东兴证券涨停;西部证券涨8.04%,国投安信、东方证券劲升6%;申万宏源、国泰君安、国元证券等也有不俗表现。   市场人士认为,尽管近期市场疲弱,但券商板块前景依然良好,部分个股跌到前期低点或正是抄底机会。   中信、国信、东北、国元、光大、国海等券商股股价,已经逼近去年股灾时股价底部,国泰君安甚至已经跌破前期低点。国泰君安证券研究员冯亮说,“证券股尤其是大券商是整个股市的信心所在,对指数影响很大。如果能出现反弹,将能稳定市场信心,对修复股市有很大意义。”冯亮认为,上市公司与证券行业之间的股权质押业务风控相对比较好,通过追加股份、去质押等等措施,还不至于影响到证券行业本身的资产安全。他个人判断,券商板块大幅下跌的可能性不大,除非发生全球性金融危机。过去的股价暴跌已经反映了券商基本面的变化。这个行业仍然是大有希望的行业,改革离不开资本市场、离不开直接融资。新三板扩容、IPO注册制,对券商都是大利好。国企资产证券化也要依靠券商帮助打包上市。可以说,券商的业务操作空间还很大。如果股价跌破前期低点,很可能就是中长线买点。   南京证券分析师季永峰认为,正因为券商板块股价整体逼近前期低点,才可以认为这个板块的机会正在到来。若券商板块起来,整个市场就活了。现在持有券商股的股民,不应该卖,而应该守。   (证券时报网快讯中心) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: