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A group of foreign super fire comics answered the questions you want to know – Sohu Anna Vital drew 16 small maps, which were called "why do people give up"?…… The moment sparked debate and resonance so don’t believe when they give up, give up is inferior; can not afford to lose the escape…… "It feels like machine gun fire."…… "A lot of times, progress is about losing stops in time, and taking the courage to stop self indulgence. "Can’t afford it, believe it, wait."… People with strong hearts may not have these problems. "Seventh. It’s really not" don’t throw rubbish anywhere "Anna Vital" is an information designer who draws many groups of very small cartoons, which are very popular and sought after. We have translated them into Chinese, which is more convenient for us to read. To see if the stamp your heart so much trouble and anguish in life, most are we ourselves Tuzeng the Wilde to say: love yourself, is a lifelong romance starts you in fact, because he is still not good enough…… You can choose their own way of living, this is enough time we have two purposes, one is for learning, one is to waste so the reason I understand, but I still want to brush my circle of friends… "So decisive, fascinating so many twenty or thirty year olds will panic and self doubt, however, as Google HP, founder of Nike is at this stage set up enterprises, what life is never too late to start in life you feel confused? Many entrepreneurs engaged in unrelated work in the company before the end of the plate, such as house-husband, taxi drivers, in fact, before you may have heard of Anna Vital, she painted several popular is how the birth of small cartoons, funny and humorous. You angry birds the most inspirational moment, remember to give yourself one last chance so many successful enterprises founded intention is from life needs so as expected, sun shine is one of the greatest interest so we don’t jiwai, "do it directly between you and success, may have such a difference male (female) friends if you want to have a home, you more or less company sales skills, can help you a lot of you remember the 18 minefield we have dreams, will help you succeed myself ~ still remember the words:" every one will wear clothes, have a pile of clothes to buy.; every great artist, there is a failure of the works; every hard have some achievements of the people There are a bunch of detours. These failures and failures can not be called failure, but will not be wasted efforts. If one day we can succeed, never will.

一组国外超火的小漫画 回答的都是你想知道的问题-搜狐   Anna Vital 画了 16 个小图,组合起来叫做「人们为什么放弃」……瞬间引发了大家的热议和共鸣:   ▼不相信自己时的放弃,是自卑;输不起时的放弃,是逃避……      「感觉被机枪扫射了……」   「很多时候,进步在于懂得及时止损,拿出勇气来停止自我放纵的行为。」   「输不起,信不过,等不得…内心强大的人,也许就不会有这些问题。」   「第 7 个,真的不是『请不要乱扔垃圾』么?」   Anna Vital 是一个信息设计师,画了很多组颇有深度的小漫画,十分受大家的喜爱和追捧。我们已经把它们翻译成了中文,更方便大家阅读。来看看是否戳了你的心:   ▼人生的很多烦恼和苦闷,大多数是自己徒增的      ▼王尔德可说了:爱自己,是终身浪漫的开始      ▼其实,就是因为自己还不够优秀啊……      ▼能选择自己的活法,这就够了      ▼时间有两种用途,一种是用来学习的,一种是用来浪费的      ▼「道理我都懂,可还是想多刷会儿朋友圈…」      ▼果敢决断的自己,实在太迷人      ▼很多二三十岁的年轻人都会陷入恐慌和自我怀疑的状态,然而像 Google、HP、Nike 的创始人都是在这个阶段创办了企业,人生什么时候开始都不晚      ▼在人生中感到迷茫?很多企业家在创办公司之前都从事着毫不相关的工作,比如端盘子、家庭主男、出租车司机等      其实,之前你也许已经对 Anna Vital 有所耳闻了,她画过几个当红的公司是怎么诞生的小漫画,风趣搞笑又幽默。   ▼愤怒的小鸟最励志,关键时刻记得给自己最后一次机会      ▼很多成功企业的创办初衷都是来自于生活中的需求      ▼果然,晒照才是大家最大的兴趣之一      ▼「别叽歪,直接做吧」你和成功之间,可能还差这样一个男(女)朋友      ▼如果,你也想拥有一家自己公司      ▼或多或少的销售技能,能帮你很多      ▼记住这 18 个雷区      ▼拥有梦想,就助你成功喽~      还记得那段话:「每一个会穿衣服的人,都有一堆买错的衣服;每一个绝世大画家,都有一堆失败的作品;每一个靠努力才能有点成绩的人,都有一堆走过的弯路。这些挫败和失误都不能叫失败,而是『不会被白白浪费的努力』。如果有一天我们能成功,绝不是因为我们更聪明,而是我们试的错比别人多。」   -我们爱护原创-   本文内容经作者授权为 Camelia山茶花 独家稿件,未经授权转载将追究法律责任,合作请联系 wechat@hicamelia。文中所含图片来自网络,如有问题请第一时间联系我们。相关的主题文章: