Chinese foreign mergers and acquisitions in the first month soared 12 times, the mainland slowdown, 雨下整夜 我的爱溢出就像雨水

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Chinese acquisitions outside into the first month soared to 12 times slower without going out the mainland Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong level2 market through Sina Financial News Agency’s February 11th message, according to the Hongkong Economic Daily reported, Chinese economy has slowed, but did not hinder the enterprises "going out", Chinese enterprises overseas acquisitions this year the amount of increase 12 times to more than $70 billion. The Bank of Holland ING believes that this year the Chinese overseas mergers and acquisitions is still good opportunity, especially The Belt and Road related countries. According to Dealogic data, from the beginning of this year to February 4th, the number of overseas mergers and acquisitions by Chinese companies has increased by 25 to 78, and the amount of funds involved has risen by nearly 12 times to 72 billion 700 million US dollars (about 567 billion Hong Kong dollars). Estimation of giant M & a small majority in reducing ING according to statistics, last year, Chinese enterprises in overseas mergers and acquisitions amounted to $102 billion 900 million (about $802 billion 600 million), ING Greater China chief executive officer and head of commercial banking He Yayang in an interview that this year, giant mergers and acquisitions (elephant deals) will be reduced, but estimated that there will be more small and medium acquisitions, estimation Chinese enterprises will be The Belt and Road opportunities into a strong large-scale acquisition of the industry, on the other hand, the establishment of brand image in overseas. In fact, in addition to the Chinese Group intends to 430 billion (about 3354 billion) acquisition of Syngenta, more than 1 billion dollar acquisition has several cases, including the company plans to invest 54 billion dollars (about 421 billion) acquisition of household appliances and general, Wanda fund-raising 35 billion (about 273 billion) acquisition of legend entertainment. In the past few years, the RMB exchange rate is no longer the same as the previous one-way appreciation, disguised as restricting the purchasing power of foreign acquisitions in the past 5% years. He Yayang pointed out that the Chinese capital to overseas mergers and acquisitions, more valued for long-term strategic growth, the return period may be 5 years long, the depreciation of the exchange rate of 5% a year, the actual impact is limited. In recent years, foreign capital has been singing China’s economy. He said that his views on China are relatively optimistic, and that the bank has begun to provide services such as mergers and acquisitions for aviation customers in the Greater China region in recent months. As the customer demand is more and more extensive, the relevant experience and resources are introduced into the group to support customers in the aviation industry mergers and acquisitions. He Yayang said, ING industry experts can help customers purchase, provide more in-depth information related industries, to avoid customers due to improper acquisition caused financial crisis. At present, ING industry experts, covering 40 regions of the world, one meter Belt and Road Initiative regions have been 20. In addition to supporting Chinese enterprises in overseas mergers and acquisitions, he said, ING will also develop more vigorously with the day-to-day business of customers, on the one hand, in different ways to provide customers with lower cost turnover method, on the other hand, can deepen the understanding of customers. Author: Dong Xiaoyi       enter Sina Financial shares] discussion 中资外闯并购首月飙12倍 内地放缓无碍走出去 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪财经讯 2月11日消息,据香港经济日报报道,中国经济虽放慢,但未有阻碍企业“走出去”,今年来中资企业境外并购额更大增12倍至逾700亿美元。荷兰银行ING认为,今年中资海外并购仍有不俗机遇,尤其是一带一路相关国家。   根据Dealogic数据,今年初至2月4日,中国公司到境外并购的宗数已增加25宗至78宗,涉资金额更大升近12倍至727亿美元(约5,670亿港元)。   估巨型并购减 中小型居多   据ING统计,去年中资企业海外并购金额达1,029亿美元(约8,026亿港元),ING大中华区行政总裁及商业银行业务主管何亚扬接受访问时指,今年巨型并购(elephant deals)会减少,但估计会有更多中小型并购出现,估计中资企业会藉一带一路机遇外闯收购同业,一方面壮大规模,另一方面在海外建立品牌形象。   事实上,除中化集团拟以430亿美元(约3,354亿港元)收购先正达外,逾十亿美元的并购亦已有数宗,包括海尔计划出资54亿美元(约421亿港元)收购通用家用电器,以及万达集资35亿美元(约273亿港元)收购传奇娱乐。   重长远增长 无惧人币年贬5%   近年人民币汇价不再如以往般单向升值,变相限制境外收购时的购买力。何亚扬指,中资到海外并购,更看重的为长远策略性增长,回报期可能长远5年,汇价一年贬值5%对实际影响有限。   近年外资不断唱淡中国经济,何亚扬表示,自己对中国看法相对乐观,又指该行近月起,开始为大中华区航空业客户提供包括并购等服务。由于客户需求愈来愈广,故由集团引入相关经验及资源,支持客户在航空业作并购。   何亚扬表示,ING的行业专家,能助客户进行收购时,提供相关行业更深入的资讯,避免客户因不恰当收购而造成财政危机。现时ING的行业专家,覆盖全球40个地区,单计一带一路的地区已有20个。   除支持中资企业作海外并购,何亚扬称,ING亦会更大力发展与客户的日常往来业务,一方面以不同方式为客户提供成本更低的周转方法,另一方面更可加深对客户了解。   撰文:董晓沂     进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: