Mainland China’s imports of gold from Hongkong fell to a new low since 2011 非亲父子

Chinese mainland imports of gold fell to the lowest level since the number of 2011 from the Hongkong business community 02 month 26 days: Bloomberg on Thursday (February 25th) reported that Chinese gold imports from Hongkong since last December to a two-year high began to decrease imports in January fell to the lowest since 2011. According to data from the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department (), China’s net gold purchase dropped from 111.3 tons in December to 17.6 tons last year, and 71.6 tons in the same period last year. Mainland bought 37.4 tons of gold, including waste, shipped to Hongkong for 19.8 tons. But China’s statistics department did not publish the data. London’s gold price rose by 5.4% in January, as the stock market crashed, investors sought refuge in heaven, the biggest increase since January. In December of last year, imports surged by 67% due to concerns about the devaluation of China’s currency. In January this year, the offshore RMB depreciated more slowly than the two months since the end of last year. Wang Rong, an analyst at Guotai Junan Futures, said, "due to the exchange rate factor, China’s interest in buying gold from Hongkong last month has cooled down. The increase in purchases in December last year may be expected to increase demand in January this year." The decrease in gold purchases in January has been confirmed in Swiss shipping data. Gold shipped from Europe to China fell to 43.3 tons in January, compared with 57 tons in January. Swiss Confederation customs data show that at least half of these gold shipped to Hongkong, about 25-71.6 tons. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

中国内地从香港进口黄金数量跌至2011年以来新低   生意社02月26日讯   彭博社周四(2月25日)报道称,中国从香港进口的黄金自去年12月达到两年的高位后开始减少,1月的进口量降至2011年以来的低位。   据香港统计调查部门(Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department)的数据,中国的黄金净买入从去年12月111.3吨下降至17.6吨;去年同期为71.6吨。大陆购买了37.4吨黄金包括废料,运到香港为19.8吨。但中国的统计部门没有公布该数据。   伦敦金价1月上涨了5.4%,因股市震荡投资者寻求避险天堂,这是自去年1月以来最大的增幅。去年12月由于担心中国货币贬值,进口激增了67%,今年1月离岸人民币贬值较去年年末两个月以来放缓。   国泰君安期货分析师Wang Rong表示“由于汇率因素中国上个月从香港购买黄金的兴趣降温,去年12月购买增多可能是预期今年1月需求增加。”   1月黄金购买的减少在瑞士船运数据中得到印证。1月从欧洲运往中国的黄金下跌至43.3吨,此前1月为57吨。瑞士联邦海关数据显示,这些黄金至少有一半运到了香港,大约25-71.6吨。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: