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The report said 80, 70 after the main Chinese outbound tourists accounted for over 70% – Beijing, Beijing, September 20 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Han Lu) 20 days, the World Tourism City Council issued from 2015 to 2016 "Chinese citizens in Chongqing (city) in the tourism consumer market report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). "After 80" and "after 70" become the main part of China’s outbound tourists, accounting for more than 70%. At present, China is still the world’s largest outbound tourism market and the largest outbound tourism consumer country, the report said. According to relevant data, the annual growth rate of China’s outbound tourism has reached 20% in recent five years. In 2015, Chinese outbound tourists reached 120 million passengers, an increase of 10.09%. The total consumption of Chinese tourists amounted to 215 billion US dollars (RMB 1 trillion and 400 billion yuan), an increase of 30.3%. The "report" survey shows that the main factors to attract China outbound tourists can be divided into: 1, the natural scenery, including the scenery, landscape, waterfront scenery, historical relics and ecological environment; 2, reputation, including the recommendation of a friend and television publicity; 3, customs, including exotic delicacy, etc.; 4. Curiosity, including visibility and have never been. Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Australia and other countries are the hot destinations for Chinese tourists to leave the country. The report shows that almost all Chinese tourists will shop when they travel abroad. Good quality and cheap price are the main reasons for Chinese tourists to shop overseas. Whether the richness of commodity categories and the convenience of shopping places are the main concerns of Chinese outbound tourists in shopping, followed by whether the price of goods is substantial or not. Duty-free shops, large department stores or shopping centers are the first choice for Chinese tourists to travel abroad, followed by shopping street, discount outlets, outlets. Souvenirs and cosmetics are the most popular commodities, followed by daily necessities, luxury goods and clothing shoes and hats. The survey shows that Chinese tourists spend an average of 10344 yuan rmb. In a single tour, 60% tourists spend about 1 days shopping. The types of materials to be prepared for visas, the amount of time required to handle the length of time is still the main concern of Chinese outbound tourists in the visa process, followed by the need to fill in the form and visa fees. The survey shows that 70% Chinese outbound tourists want to reduce the visa threshold, simplify visa processing procedures, reduce material submission and shorten visa approval time. Secondly, to provide free landing sign, transit visa and visa waiver fees.

报告称80后、70后成中国出境游客主体 占比超七成-中新网   中新网重庆9月20日电 (记者 韩璐)20日,世界旅游城市联合会在重庆发布2015年至2016年《中国公民出境(城市)旅游消费市场调查报告》(以下简称《报告》)。“80后”“70后”成为中国出境游客的主体,占比超过七成。   《报告》称,目前中国依然是世界最大的出境旅游市场和最大的出境旅游消费国。根据相关数据显示,最近五年中国出境旅游人数的年复合增长率达到了20%。2015年,中国出境游客达1.2亿人次,同比增长10.09%。中国游客境外消费总额达2150亿美元(约合人民币1.40万亿元),同比增长30.3%。   《报告》调查显示,吸引中国出境游客的因素主要可分为:1、自然风光,包括美景、山水风光、海滨风光、历史遗迹、生态环境等;2、口碑,包括朋友推荐和电视节目宣传等;3、风情,包括异域风情、美食等;4、好奇心,包括知名度和未曾去过。日本、韩国、泰国、新加坡、英国、法国、德国、意大利、美国、澳大利亚等国家是中国游客出境旅游热门目的地。   《报告》显示,几乎所有的中国游客在境外旅游时均会购物。质量好、价格便宜是促使中国游客海外购物的主要原因。商品种类是否丰富、购物场所地点是否便利是中国出境游客在购物方面的主要关注,其次为商品价格是否实惠。免税品店、大型百货商城或购物中心是中国游客在境外旅游时购物的首选,其次为购物街、折扣店 奥特莱斯。纪念品和化妆品是购买最多的商品,其次是日用品、奢侈品和服饰鞋帽。调查显示,中国游客平均花费10344元人民币。单次旅游中,六成游客花费1天左右时间购物。   办理签证时需准备的材料种类、数量,办理所需时长依然是中国出境游客在办理签证时的主要关注点,其次为需填写的表格和签证费用。调查显示,七成中国出境游客希望境外旅游目的地降低签证门槛,简化签证办理程序,减少材料递交,缩短签证审批时间。其次为提供免签 落地签 过境免签和减免签证费用。相关的主题文章: