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Ocean Shipping Group will come out billions of Chinese six industrial layout of sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors in the morning of February 18th, Chinese Ocean Shipping Group Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Chinese ocean shipping) formally set up in Shanghai. This marks the new shipping group merged by COSCO and China’s two major central enterprises to be put into operation. Xu Lirong, the former head of China Shipping Corporation, served as chairman of the group and Secretary of the Party committee. Wan Min, deputy general manager of the former COSCO Group, served as general manager and Deputy Secretary of the party group. Last August 7th, eight listed companies involved in COSCO, China shipping and other two major groups announced the suspension, involving 74 capital transactions, and opened the curtain of reform and reorganization. At the beginning of December, the State Council officially approved the restructuring of the two groups. In early January this year restructuring plan also won overwhelmingly small shareholders of listed companies related to the. Xu Lirong at the founding ceremony of 18 new group, said the original COSCO and CNOOC two enterprises do not have the advantages of scale, business resources homogenization serious, in the international and domestic market competition in the lack of advantages. After the reorganization, through deep integration, division of labor, value creation and distribution pattern of re architecture of global shipping and logistics industry chain, to achieve the business scale, the scale effect into competitive ability, and realize the business model of the alliance, will be transformed into synergy synergy. Industry and commerce data show that China COSCO Shipping headquarters is located in Shanghai, Lujiazui, with a registered capital of 11 billion yuan. After the reorganization of the China ocean shipping will have the world’s fourth largest container shipping company, the global dry bulk shipping fleet, owned the world’s largest tanker fleet, global second throughput of terminal operators and the world’s third largest container leasing company first big. Based on the advantage of scale, the twenty-first Century economic report reporter learned exclusively, after the establishment of China ocean shipping made the "6+1" of the industrial layout, to build the service providers of integrated logistics supply chain: one is the leading global shipping industry cluster, including cargo transport, bulk and tanker transportation business: LNG two is the logistics industry cluster, including engineering, construction of large logistics grocery vessel transport, multimodal transport, freight forwarding, warehousing, shipping agent and other goods shipping business: three is the financial industry cluster, mainly including ships and equipment leasing, shipping insurance, supply chain finance, logistics park investment, equity investment and "The Belt and Road" the infrastructure asset investment business; four is the equipment manufacturing industry cluster, including marine vessels and containers for repair Manufacturing and other business; five is the shipping service industry, including ship management, crew management, ship spare parts procurement, conducting technical management and ship fuel, supplies and other services; six is the socialization of industry cluster, including real estate resources development, hotel management, maritime colleges, hospitals and other social services; seven according to the business development of business model innovation "Internet plus" based on the relevant business, promote the upgrading and transformation of business. (Editor: Yuan Yihong) go into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

百亿中国远洋海运集团问世 将布局六大产业 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   2月18日上午,中国远洋海运集团有限公司(以下简称中国远洋海运)正式在上海挂牌成立。   这标志着这家由中远和中海两大央企合并而来的新航运集团正式投入运作。原中海掌门人许立荣任集团董事长、党组书记,原中远集团副总经理万敏担任总经理、党组副书记。   去年8月7日,中远、中海两大集团涉及的八家上市公司宣布停牌,涉及74项资本交易,拉开了改革重组的帷幕。12月初,国务院正式批复两家集团实施重组。今年1月初重组方案也获得了相关上市公司中小股东高票通过。   许立荣在18日新集团成立仪式上表示,原先中远和中海两家企业不具备规模优势,业务资源同质化严重,在国际国内细分市场竞争中缺乏优势。重组后,经过深度整合,将重新架构全球航运物流产业链的业务分工、价值创造和分配格局,实现企业经营规模化,将规模效应转化为竞争能力,并实现商业模式联盟化,将协同效应转化为协同效益。   工商资料显示,中国远洋海运总部设在上海陆家嘴,注册资金110亿元。重组后的中国远洋海运将拥有全球第四大的集运班轮公司、全球第一大的干散货运输自有船队、全球第一大的油运船队、全球吞吐量第二大码头运营商以及全球第三大集装箱租赁企业。   在这一规模优势的基础上,21世纪经济报道记者独家了解到,成立后的中国远洋海运提出了“6+1”的产业布局,全力打造全球领先的综合物流供应链服务商:   一是航运产业集群,主要包括集运输、干散货、油运LNG等运输业务:   二是物流产业集群,主要包括工程 大件物流、杂货特种船运输、货代、仓储、多式联运、船代理货等业务:   三是航运金融产业集群,主要包括船舶及设备租赁、航运保险、供应链金融、物流园区投资、股权投资和“一带一路”沿线基础设施的资产投资等业务;   四是装备制造产业集群,主要包括船舶海工制修和集装箱制造等业务;   五是航运服务集群,主要包括船舶管理、船员管理、船舶备件采购、通导技术管理和船舶燃料、物料供应等业务;   六是社会化产业集群,主要包括地产资源开发、酒店管理、海事院校、医院等社会化服务业务;   七是结合上述业务,开展基于商业模式创新的“互联网+”相关业务,推动各业务升级和转型。   (编辑:袁一泓) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: