Merger of the largest technology companies in history! DELL completed $60 billion acquisition of EMC 拉萨尔国际设计学院

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Merger of the largest technology companies in history! DELL completed $60 billion acquisition of EMC, DELL announced that the completion of the $60 billion acquisition of EMC merger agreement, the largest merger in the history of science and technology was born. The new company will be named DELL Technology (Dell Technologies), aims to become a one-stop commercial mall IT, headquarters will be located in EMC, Hope Kingdon, massachusetts. New business focus will turn to cloud services, and promote the integration of servers and storage areas. On the other hand, EMC, the leading provider of global desktop to datacenter virtualization solutions, will still exist as an independent VMware company. Headquartered in Massachusetts, EMC is a commercial Hopkinton data storage products company with a history of 36 years, the market value of approximately $50 billion. Headquartered in Texas, and Landreau grams of DELL in 1990s with the cheap and customized notebook computer fame, DELL in 2013 for $24 billion 400 million to complete the privatization. The merger of DELL and EMC is a response to the overall decline in the market facing their core businesses. The focus of the computing market has shifted to mobile devices, servers and cloud computing. According to IDC statistics and forecasts, PC shipments fell by 10.4% in 2015, and will fall by 7.3% again in 2016. On the other hand, the server, storage and network hardware markets have been declining since 2014, and are expected to decline by 1.4% each year in the next 4 years. The combination of DELL and EMC will realize the complementary advantages of both. As the world’s third largest PC manufacturer, DELL’s products are very attractive to SMEs, while EMC’s storage products have been favored by large enterprises. Analysts believe that after the merger of the two companies, DELL will be able to sell more products to EMC customers. Michael · DELL says the traditional server and storage hardware market will be restructured as the enterprise computing market turns to new technologies and cloud services. "We know how to win in the restructuring," he said. "We’ve proved it in the past, and we’ll prove it again." The transaction, originally announced in October 12, 2015, took almost 11 months to complete. DELL and its partners "(Silver Lake) investment group through the issuance of bonds for more than $40 billion financing. In addition, DELL raised $5 billion by selling its IT services and software divisions. Editor: Zhang Danfeng

史上最大科技公司合并案!戴尔完成600亿美元并购EMC 戴尔公司宣布,完成600亿美元收购EMC的并购协议,科技界史上最大合并案诞生。新公司将被命名为戴尔科技( Dell Technologies),旨在成为IT商业化一站式商城,总部将设在EMC所在地——马萨诸塞州霍普金顿。新公司营业重点将转向云服务,并推进服务器及存储领域整合。另一方面,EMC旗下全球桌面到数据中心虚拟化解决方案的领导厂商VMware将仍然以一个独立的上市公司存在。总部位于马萨诸塞州霍普金顿的EMC是一家拥有36年历史的商用数据存储产品公司,市值约为500亿美元。而总部位于德克萨斯州朗德罗克的戴尔在20世纪90年代凭借廉价、可定制的笔记本电脑声名鹊起,戴尔于2013年以244亿美元的价格完成了私有化。戴尔和EMC合并是对各自核心业务所面向的市场出现总体下滑而作出的回应。计算市场的重心已经转移到移动设备、服务器和云计算。根据IDC的统计和预测,PC出货量2015年下跌了10.4%,2016年将再下跌7.3%。另一方面,服务器、存储和网络硬件市场自从2014年以来也一直在下滑,预计未来4年将每年下滑1.4%。戴尔和EMC的合并将实现两者的优势互补。作为全球第三大PC厂商的戴尔的产品对中小企业来说十分具有吸引力,而EMC的存储产品则获得了大型企业的亲睐。分析师认为,在两家公司合并之后,戴尔将能把更多的产品卖给EMC的客户。迈克尔·戴尔称,随着企业计算市场转向新技术和云服务,传统服务器和存储硬件市场将会进行重组。“我们知道如何在重组中胜出,”他说道。“我们过去已经证明过,我们将再一次证明。”这笔最初于2015年10月12日公布的交易花了几乎11个月才完成。戴尔及其合作伙伴银湖(Silver Lake)投资集团通过发行债券获得超过400亿美元融资。另外,戴尔还通过出售其IT服务部门和软件部门筹得50亿美元。编辑:张丹枫相关的主题文章: