Our discipline inspection work conference held in 2016 74 cases of illegal 淘宝修真记

Our discipline inspection work conference held in 2016 74 cases in February 18th to 19, China life 2016 inspection work conference held in Beijing. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, China life group party secretary, chairman Yang Mingsheng said at the meeting, the system must thoroughly study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech at the eighteen session of the six plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, practical thinking and action with the central requirements up, severe and complicated situation and main objectives and tasks facing great achievements a profound understanding of anti-corruption struggle has a profound understanding of the overall strictly political responsibility and strengthen the important role of inner-party supervision, enhance political concentration, with sufficient confidence, clean government and anti-corruption struggle in depth. It is understood that in 2015 China insurance system for investigation of various types of discipline violation cases 74, closed 66, subject to judicial investigation of 12 people, 24 people given disciplinary punishment, given administrative disciplinary measures 149 people, giving other organizations handle 127 passengers. A total of 36 cases of management responsibility were investigated and dealt with, investigating the case management responsibility related personnel 169 people. All levels of discipline inspection carried out a total of 4060 people, before any conversation conversation reminded 1025 people, admonishing conversation 204. 225 units were inspected, 998 problems were found, 922 proposals for rectification were put forward, and 988 opinions and suggestions were collected. To increase the implementation of the reporting system for cadres matters verification, part-time cadres to do business, check the personnel files of the special audit, inquiry and admonishing conversation of 19 people missing, concealed. The Discipline Inspection Commission at all levels organized 855 training sessions in the system, and trained 141 people outside the system. Yang Mingsheng stressed that the central inspection team last year to China life special inspections feedback pointed out, from the strict control of the party, the party’s anti-corruption task is still very heavy, the company clearly see anti-corruption, correcting the four winds problems such as difficulty and complexity. We must resolutely in accordance with the requirements of the central inspection teams, special inspection rectification as the primary political task, act quickly, layers of conductive pressure, identify the crux, giving top priority to tackling the problem, "the ancient healing courage and determination, with the most powerful measures and measures, a solid grasp of the implementation of the rectification work, do all have the rectification, each piece is nowhere to be found. Zhang Xiangxian Chinese life group discipline committee, vice president, said at the conference, the discipline inspection and supervision work to 2016 China life strictly from the real, earnestly central special inspections to implement corrective feedback; strict party discipline, to ensure that the central policy hundred-percent implement vigorously; correction of the four winds to the central eight the provisions of the spirit of air plant; to further strengthen and improve inspections, enhance the effectiveness of supervision and inspection; strengthen the supervision and discipline of accountability, to correctly grasp and make good use of "four forms"; efforts to enhance the ability and quality, strengthen and improve the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

国寿召开2016年纪检监察工作会议 违规案件74件   2月18日至19日,中国人寿2016年纪检监察工作会议在北京召开。中央纪委委员、中国人寿集团公司党委书记、董事长杨明生在会上表示,系统上下必须深入学习贯彻习近平总书记在十八届中央纪委六次全会上的重要讲话精神,切实把思想和行动统一到中央要求上来,深刻认识党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争取得的重大成效、面临的严峻复杂形势和主要目标任务,深刻认识全面从严治党的政治责任和强化党内监督的重要作用,增强政治定力,充满足够自信,把党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争不断引向深入。   据了解,2015年中国人寿系统共立案查处各类违纪违规案件74件,结案66件,受到司法追究12人,给予党纪处分24人次,给予政纪处分149人次,给予其他组织处理127人次。共对36起案件的管理责任进行了调查处理,追究案件管理责任相关人员169人。各级纪委共开展任前谈话4060人、提醒谈话1025人、诫勉谈话204人。对225个单位进行了巡视检查,发现问题998个,提出整改建议922条,收集员工意见和建议988条。加大对干部有关事项报告制度执行情况的核查、干部兼职经商办企业情况的清查、人事档案专项审核,对漏报、瞒报的19人进行函询和诫勉谈话。全年各级纪委共组织系统内培训855人次,系统外培训141人次。   杨明生强调,去年中央巡视组对中国人寿的专项巡视反馈意见指出,公司从严管党治党、反腐倡廉的任务依然很重,使公司清醒地看到反腐败、纠“四风”等问题的艰巨性、复杂性。要坚决按照中央的要求,把中央巡视组专项巡视整改作为首要政治任务,迅速行动起来,层层传导压力,找准症结,举一反三,标本兼治,以“刮骨疗伤”的决心和勇气,以最强有力的办法和措施,扎实抓好各项整改落实工作,做到条条有整改、件件有着落。   中国人寿集团纪委书记、副总裁张响贤在大会上表示,2016年中国人寿纪检监察工作要从严从实,切实抓好中央专项巡视反馈意见的整改落实;严明党的纪律,保证中央路线方针政策不折不扣地贯彻落实;下大力纠治“四风”,让中央八项规定精神落地生根;进一步加强和改进巡视工作,提升巡视监督成效;强化执纪监督问责,正确把握和运用好“四种形态”;着力提升能力素质,加强和改进纪检监察干部队伍建设。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: