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Uber express business development or the impact of the European market: Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on February 17th, the European postal company has faced pressure from the Amazon, they soon will face Uber and other start-up companies challenge. Uber launched UberRUSH is a user and courier connected Crowdsourcing service, and has just entered the market of PiggyBaggy and Nimber also will erode the Royal Mail, Deutsche Post and Holland post market share. These factors have been reflected in the stock price of these old giants, Amazon before the development of self logistics business has been a blow to these enterprises. If Uber followed this trend, it would have a further impact on European postal companies. Before the Royal Mail said that at least a few years, Amason would lead to the company’s express business outlook has shrunk more than half — about 9 billion 500 million pounds (about $13 billion 700 million) half of revenue. At the same time, Credit Suisse analysts estimate that if Amazon in 3 to 5 years, half of the independent distribution package, means of Deutsche Post’s DHL package business income loss of 3% to 5%. Uber already in the United States to enter the postal delivery business, if they are in Europe to take this measure, plus other provide express service by ordinary people of the enterprises have been rising, the Deutsche Post, the Netherlands and Britain’s Royal Mail shares a further drag on the companies, since this year the stock has fallen 3% to 20%. Analysis of David, Kesitengsi investment bank Jefferies European transport and logistics industry (David Kerstens) said: "UberRUSH will become another attempt to share the potential competitors, although the importance of enhancing the day of service, the company will undoubtedly cause further pressure on the Royal post." Uber said that the company is not ready to launch UberRUSH services in the UK, but analysts believe that, given the rapid development of the car company, it is only a matter of time. According to the ParcelHero report of the express company, if Uber wants to seize 10% of the UK express market, only in the country to achieve 700 million pounds of income. The company estimates that the global express and parcel industry has revenues of about $250 billion a year. Another big threat comes from PiggyBaggy in Finland, which is now looking at Denmark and Germany, and Norway’s Nimber is the same. Both companies can match the supply and demand sides of the express delivery, and let the ordinary users of the same path distribute parcels. Since entering the UK market 7 months ago, Nimber already has 27 thousand subscribers, and plans to reach 100 thousand by the end of the year. To deal with the challenges of DHL, the Netherlands and the Royal Mail said with confidence to meet these challenges, some companies also pointed out that they had developed a similar business. DHL means, to pass)

Uber发展快递业务:或将冲击欧洲市场   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月17日早间消息,欧洲的邮政公司已经面临来自亚马逊的压力,他们很快还将面临Uber等其他创业公司的挑战。   Uber推出的UberRUSH是一款将用户与快递员连接起来的众包服务,而刚刚进入这一市场的PiggyBaggy和Nimber也都将蚕食英国皇家邮政、德意志邮政和荷兰邮政的市场份额。   这些因素已经体现在这些老牌巨头的股价中,亚马逊之前发展自营物流业务已经对这些企业构成了打击。倘若Uber跟进这一趋势,就将对欧洲的邮政公司构成进一步冲击。   英国皇家邮政之前表示,至少几年内,亚马逊此举将导致该公司的快递业务前景缩水过半――约占其95亿英镑(约合137亿美元)营收的一半。   与此同时,瑞士信贷分析师估计,如果亚马逊在3至5年内自主配送半数包裹,就意味着德意志邮政旗下的DHL包裹业务年收入损失3%至5%。   Uber之前已经在美国进军了邮政快递业务,倘若他们也在欧洲采取这一措施,再加上其他通过普通人提供快递服务的企业相继崛起,将对德意志邮政、荷兰邮政和英国皇家邮政的股价形成进一步拖累,这几家公司今年以来的股价已经下跌3%至20%。   投资银行Jefferies欧洲运输和物流行业分析师大卫・科斯腾斯(David Kerstens)说:“UberRUSH将会成为又一个试图分一杯羹的潜在竞争对手,虽然当日送达的重要性提升,该公司无疑会对英国皇家邮政造成进一步压力。”   Uber表示,该公司目前还不准备在英国推出UberRUSH服务,但分析师认为,考虑到这家专车公司的快速发展,这其实只是个时间问题。   根据快递公司ParcelHero的报告,如果Uber要抓住10%的英国快递市场,仅在该国就要实现7亿英镑的收入。该公司估计,全球快递和包裹行业每年的营收约为2500亿美元。   另外一大威胁来自芬兰的PiggyBaggy,这家企业目前将目光着眼于丹麦和德国,而挪威的Nimber同样如此。这两家公司都可以将快递的供需双方撮合起来,让相同路径的普通人为用户配送包裹。   自从7个月前进入英国市场以来,Nimber已经拥有2.7万用户,他们计划年底达到10万人。   应对挑战   DHL、荷兰邮政和英国皇家邮政都表示有信心应对这些挑战,有些公司还指出,他们已经开发了类似的业务。   DHL表示,对传统快递公司来说,众包快递公司意味着更多的竞争,但也提供了机遇。该公司曾经尝试在斯德哥尔摩让当地居民配送包裹,目前还在考虑第二个项目。   英国皇家邮政发言人表示,新进入市场的企业主要着眼于当日送达领域,而该公司同样在这一市场占据不小的份额。荷兰邮政也很欢迎竞争,但他们相信自己的业务优势。   但 在一些分析师看来,他们有些过于乐观。证券公司Aviate Global联合创始人加里・鲍林(Gary Paulin)表示,英国皇家邮政是他最喜欢的做空对象,而Redmayne-Bentley投资经理大卫・巴特斯比(David Battersby)也认为该公司失去了市场主导地位。   “传统邮政公司不会消失,但随着竞争加剧,我不认为他们可以稳稳把持市场。”巴特斯比说。(书聿)相关的主题文章: