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Apple development AR Technology: in the future or used in Apple Car- Sohu digital media reports, every time to attack a new field, Apple seems to have inertia to open large-scale acquisitions. From the early dig Tesla corner development of electric vehicle project, to around the time, around acquiring company secretly set up AR VR R & D team. Now foreign analysts have speculated on Apple’s recent acquisitions, one of the Apple’s direction is to AR technology   application in Apple  Car. Apple development AR Technology (pictures from cnBeta), if Apple really AR technology applied in Apple  Car will be what kind of picture? According to foreign analysts forecast, Apple’s AR business is mainly to build applications for the car. Apple to build AR applications with on-board system integration and form a larger version of the Hololens in the car, eventually appear in the eyes of the drivers is a holographic scene, such as traffic, alarms and other information are directly projected onto the windshield, but should not achieve a touch screen function. Although it lacks touch screen function, it is roughly consistent with the picture we imagined. Of course, to achieve the perfect combination of AR technology and Apple  Car, only the current professional strength of apple is far from enough, which is why it has recently acquired fourth MR field startups Flyby  Media reasons. It is understood that, Flyby  Media technology is good at indoor positioning and navigation, unmanned aerial vehicle automatic navigation, driverless cars and head mounted display system tracking. At the same time, Flyby  Media technology is also very useful for Apple maps, can help in crowded shopping malls and other places to pinpoint their location. 苹果开发AR技术:未来或用在Apple Car-搜狐数码  据外媒报道,每次要进攻一个新领域,苹果似乎都要惯性地开启大规模的收购行动。从早前的挖特斯拉墙角发展电动汽车项目,到近段时间四处收购公司秘密组建AR VR研发团队。现在有国外分析师对苹果最近收购行为猜测,苹果其中一个方向就是把AR技 术应用在Apple Car上。   苹果开发AR技术(图片来自cnbeta)   如果苹果真把AR技术应用在Apple Car上会是一个怎样的画面呢?据国外分析师预测,苹果的AR业务主要是为汽车打造应用程序。苹果打造的AR应用程序可以与车载系统整合并在车内构成一个放大版的Hololens,最终呈现在驾车者眼前的就是一幅全息景象,诸如路况,警报提醒等信息都直接投射到挡风玻璃上,但应该实现不了触屏功能。虽然缺少了触屏功能,但大致上与我们前面想象的画面吻合了。   当然,要实现AR技术与Apple Car的完美结合,单凭苹果现在的专业实力是远远不够,这也就是为什么它近期又收购了第四家MR领域的初创型公司Flyby Media的原因。   据了解,Flyby Media公司的技术擅长于室内定位和导航、无人机自动导航、无人驾驶汽车以及头戴式显示系统追踪上。同时Flyby Media技术对苹果地图也非常有用,可以帮助在拥挤商场等场所精确定位自己的位置。相关的主题文章: