Python storm wood floated across Zhangzhou disc Xiamen Baicheng 特命战队go busters

Python storm wood floated across Zhangzhou plate in Xiamen Baicheng? Who knows drifting in the sea days, what this snake experienced! It was a strong python, and in the storm, the disk escaped from a tree root that had been washed out of the ground. But the stopping point of that tree root is the Baicheng coast. It has nowhere to escape. Fortunately, some citizens discovered the fragile one in time…… More than 17 o’clock in the afternoon of 5, Mr. Gong and other people walking in Baicheng, affected by the typhoon, at this time, there are some drifting wood on the beach in Baicheng, where the bottom of a wood and roots. It was originally a tree, because the typhoon was swept away by the wind and rain, drifted to the sea, and finally stopped in Baicheng. ? at this time, it was found that the roots even exposed a triangular head! Mr. Gong and others later discovered that there was a snake in the wood! An ordinary snake doesn’t run to the beach from its own neighborhood. It looks like it should be in the storm, drifting along with the wood, and then stopping at the seaside in Baicheng. It’s hard to imagine how many survival challenges it has been in these two days. Mr. Gong found that the snake seemed tired, and there was no escape, no food to eat, strong ecological awareness of him, linked to the forestry sector. The forest personnel quickly arrived at the scene and saw the snake and identified it as a python. This kind of snake lives in the mountain forest, now appears here, should be affected by the typhoon. In addition, it was speculated that the wood might have floated over Zhangzhou, and in that case, its adventure has unimaginable twists and turns. Forest personnel, this Python is about two years old, more than a meter long. Mr. Gong was gratified to learn that the snake was a national protected animal. Herald reporter learned that the snake was rescued relatively weak, but after a day of forest personnel maintenance, it recovered in good condition, yesterday has been released.

蟒蛇暴风雨中盘着木头漂洋过海 漳州漂来厦大白城 ?  鬼知道在海上漂流的日子里,这条蛇经历了什么!   ?  它是一条坚强的蟒蛇,暴风雨中盘在一段被冲出地面的树根上逃过一劫。可是,那段树根的停靠点却是白城海边,它无处逃生。幸运的是,有市民及时发现了虚弱的它……   ?  17日下午5点多,市民龚先生等人在白城散步,受台风影响,此时,白城沙滩上有一些漂来的木头,其中一根木头的底部还有树根。这原本是一棵树,因为这次台风,被风雨卷走,漂到了海面上,最后停在白城。   ?  就在这时,有人发现,那树根上竟然露出了一个三角形蛇头!龚先生等人随后发现,这木头里,真的盘着一条蛇!   ?  普通的蛇可不会自己从附近跑到沙滩,看样子,它应该是在暴风雨中,跟着这根木头一起漂流,之后停靠在白城海边,很难想象,这两天它经历了多少生存挑战。   ?  龚先生发现这条蛇似乎有些疲倦,也无处逃生,更没有食物可以吃,生态保护意识强的他,联系到林业部门。林业工作人员很快赶到现场,见到这条蛇后,辨认出它是一条蟒蛇。   ?  这种蛇平时生活在山林里,如今出现在这里,应是受台风影响。此外,据猜测,这木头有可能是漳州那边漂来的,要真是这样,它的“冒险经历”有令人难以想象的波折。   ?  林业人员介绍,这条蟒蛇大概两岁,长一米多一点。得知这条蛇是国家一级保护动物,龚先生感到很欣慰。导报记者了解到,这条蛇被救走时比较虚弱,不过,经过林业人员一天的养护,它恢复情况良好,昨日已经被放生了。相关的主题文章: