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Welcome to China beauty industry "Whampoa  military academy class elite to the Sohu health smell way have successively, specialize in human aging; in the way we have been constantly exploring. November 2016 winter, cold fog and haze weather also can not stop the pace of our medical plastic beauty and skin beauty industry learning exchanges. Today is located in Shaanxi province Xi’an City Lu Binglun Oscar medical beauty hospital ushered in more than a dozen guests, they are Xijing skin beauty senior seminar is being hailed as the China beauty industry "Whampoa  military academy students, they come from all over the country, which is composed entirely of master and above degree, overall quality is very high. They work in major hospitals and well-known beauty institutions, are the backbone of the domestic beauty industry doctors, which are self-employed entrepreneurs, is a pioneer and leader in the field of medical beauty. Professor Lu Binglun led the hospital staff warmly received the students coming, lead them to visit the hospital medical equipment, operation room, hospital department, observation room and other facilities, but also for the great role of Professor Lu students on-site to explain the medical plastic in the face of layered anti-aging research and medical principle and operation methods, students listen carefully to benefit. Professor Lu also sincerely hope that the students will be superb skills, rigorous style, the spirit of hard work to bring all over the world to create a new generation of medical beauty. Lu Binglun, MD, professor. The Department of plastic surgery in Xi’an Changan hospital director, Xi’an Lu Binglun Oscar orthopaedic centre Dean appointment interview: lu99772 WeChat. Micro-blog search: Professor Lu Binglun human body decoration. He graduated from The Fourth Military Medical University and served as director of the center for craniofacial surgery. Is China’s famous plastic surgery experts, mainly to complete the first case of China allotranspantation, and won the first prize of army medical achievements. Malar and mandibular angle surgery to change the face of quantity and quality in the country, and the practice of mandibular angle osteotomy long curve is proposed for the first time, perfect change long face, wide chin, and was widely used; improved comprehensive rhinoplasty method, correction of nasal deformity after cleft lip and so on. The China rehabilitation medicine surgery Specialized Committee member and vice chairman of Asia craniofacial professional; Chinese Medical Association of plastic surgery, craniofacial professional vice chairman, vice chairman of the professional digital plastic surgery, cleft lip and palate Professional Committee; China western medicine beauty professional National Committee and expert group of experts standing fat transplantation; Chinese orthopedic physicians cosmetic surgery branch of craniofacial professional committee, minimally invasive and anti-aging Professional Committee; director of China Association of plastic surgery medical cosmetology branch director, anti-aging rhinoplasty branch; Xi’an orthopedics hairdressing Institute of the Standing Committee, member of the Taiwan Association of micro surgery. The smiling action group of the United States of America, Atlanta, the United States and the United States love to redouble the foundation for cleft lip and palate repair specialists.相关的主题文章: