Beijing – VIDEO – Nanjing ancient residence migration across the city in which the Folk Music Bookst 高达08ms小队

Beijing – VIDEO – Nanjing City Bookstore migration of ancient houses in which folk music as through [comment] a traditional three ancient dwellings, during the construction of Nanjing old area east door, migrating into a bookstore. Recently, the bookstore opened its doors, transparent patio, traditional screen, a richly ornamented building of ancient structures, people walking through them like reading at the same time, through the back of the ancient. The same period [] (Wu Xiaoye College) when I arrived at the bookstore, think what style are compared to I have a feeling, a bit similar to the Ming and Qing Dynasties era buildings, and then the whole style and culture is also very consistent. [comment] traditional ancient dwellings give readers a kind of antique sense of history, relative to the city in the fast-paced life, here to create a book, slowly free to free atmosphere, like the city in a small world. The same period [] (Nanjing citizen Liu Xiaoxuan) there is a sense of history, if a little less, could calm down, want to sit down and look at the books, and the side of the seat is more and more seat reading area, so it’s not so impatient, said to buy the book and go, this feeling still, can make people calm down. The middle middle, looking for a book reading, looked up to see these, everywhere can see these ancient buildings carved ah, still feel the atmosphere, more antique, read this kind of atmosphere. [comment] it is understood that the ancient dwellings not only make people feel at the same time the bookstore Nanjing south of the old culture in the walk of reading, but also as a cultural public space, can also advocate universal reading, let more people enjoy the pleasure of reading. The same period [] (Nanjing pioneer Bookstore general manager Huang Jianming) is an old house in the old East Gate Remote rehabilitation, and then through the collision of this old, store the overall feeling out of shape, from the two day of the effect is very good. We want to build this bookstore through this activity, the cultural atmosphere of the old east gate can drive up, let more people to the bookstore to read, making it an everyone’s a cultural public space, and let more readers here can enjoy the pleasure of reading. Zhang Chuanming Jiangsu Nanjing相关的主题文章: