Henan Department of Education compulsory education for children with disabilities to reach more than 纪元1701

The Henan Department of Education: compulsory education of disabled children enrollment rate to more than 90% education people.com.cn original title: Henan Department of Education: compulsory education of disabled children enrollment rate to more than 90% "to the full implementation of this special education student public funding of 6000 yuan standard; ensure that at the end of this year the Province’s vision, hearing and intelligence of three kinds of disabled children’s compulsory the education enrollment rate reached more than 90%……" This afternoon, the Education Department of Henan Province, Henan province CDPF held the special education promotion plan to promote the work of television and telephone conference, Henan Provincial Education Department deputy director Diao Yuhua said. Meeting the requirements of Henan around the implementation of "mainstreaming" for school-age children with disabilities enrollment, let those school-age severe handicapped children stay at home will be able to receive appropriate education. Diao Yuhua said that since the special education in Henan province in 2014 promotion plan, the central government and the Henan provincial government has invested 130 million yuan of funds, special education schools in the province’s construction of independent set of 144 school children with disabilities, 20 thousand and 100 people, three kinds of disabled children enrollment rate reached 86.16%. At present, Henan has achieved more than 300 thousand of the population of the county, the city has built a special education school goals, all provinces and municipalities have also built a comprehensive regional special education schools. Diao Yuhua introduced, in order to guarantee school-age children with Disabilities Education coverage, Henan province started to implement the integration of the development of education support project, formulated the "Henan province inclusive classroom resource construction and management of the basic requirements (Trial)". Henan Province in 2015 to arrange 9 million 500 thousand yuan to support the work of the class to undertake the task of the ordinary school (kindergarten) to build the classroom resources, special education to provide a strong material guarantee for the 95. According to the actual situation of children with disabilities, Henan requires all localities to seriously carry out the work of the identification of children with disabilities to enter the school, can be enrolled in the class, as far as possible to arrange with the class. Local conditions, in accordance with the principles of the nearest school, arrange schools generally receive a disabled student; mainstreaming relatively poor foundation, first select a number of qualified schools to carry out this work. To strengthen the construction of ordinary school resources classroom, the nearest school for children with disabilities, with classes to create conditions. (reporter Pan Zhixian Intern Wang Yange) (commissioning editor Zhao Yingzi and Lin Lu)相关的主题文章: