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Anhui sacked by executive vice governor at the age of 38 he is among the original title: Anhui sacked by executive vice governor at the age of 38 he is among the best in November 14th, according to the Anhui provincial government website "governor window column shows recently, Wu Cunrong has served as executive government of Anhui province deputy party secretary, deputy governor. Earlier, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection website on November 8th news, former executive vice governor Chen Shulong alleged serious violation, the organization is undergoing investigation. Chen Shulong is a provincial officials in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee closing first checked, Anhui is the fourth "tiger". Before, former vice governor of Anhui province Ni Fake, former vice chairman of CPPCC Anhui Han Xiancong, former vice governor of Anhui province Zhen Chao has sacked the yang. Deep reading (WeChat ID:shenduzhongguo) noted that Wu Cunrong is 60, working in the water system for more than 10 years. In 2001, 38 year old Wu Cunrong served as director of the water resources department of Anhui Province, party secretary, Department level.   in September 2011, he took over as Deputy Secretary of Anhui provincial Party Secretary Sun Jinlong served as party secretary of the provincial Party committee in October, promoted to deputy provincial level in. The water system work for more than 10 years 38 years among the Chinese Communist News Network show, Wu Cunrong was born in 1963, Anhui Wuwei, postgraduate degree, master’s degree in business administration, engineer. According to the Wu Cunrong Wu Cunrong resume shows that its September 1981 to July 1985 in the East China Institute of water conservancy irrigation and Water Conservancy Engineering Department of irrigation and water conservancy engineering study, he graduated from the assistant engineer, water conservancy and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute of water conservancy room two deputy director. Join the Communist Party Chinese time is September 1984, therefore, the glorious party in university. Statistics show that in May 1993, Wu Cunrong was appointed deputy director of the office of the leading group; December 1995, director of the Provincial Water Resources Department planning department. From February 1997 to December, which served as Deputy Secretary of the county, Zongyang on behalf of the county, county, county Party secretary. Two years later in February 1999, Wu Cunrong returned to the provincial water resources department, served as deputy director, Party members. July 2001, Wu Cunrong, director of the Provincial Department of water resources, Party Secretary (from September 2000 to November 2002 to participate in the political economy of Anhui University graduate courses). At this time, Wu Cunrong was 38 years old, among the ranks of departmental level cadres. At the beginning of 2006, the succession of Wu Cunrong transferred to Anhui Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Secretary General Guo Wanqing, deputy secretary of Hefei Municipal Committee, mayor. September 2011, he served as Deputy Secretary of the Anhui provincial Party Secretary Sun Jinlong transferred to Hefei, the provincial Party Committee Standing Committee in October, promoted to Deputy provincial. Talk about prices: prices can not become the town threshold in January 4, 2014, who guest for the Anhui Provincial Committee and party secretary of Hefei Wu Cunrong, had a series of hot topics to answer users’ questions. Wu Cunrong data figure when it comes to prices, he said, "never let Hefei Kai Kai相关的主题文章: