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Xiamen jinmenroute by "catfish" effect 27 days suspended – Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Chen Yue) by the "Meranti" effect has not been fully restored because "Xiamen jinmenroute, approaching catfish" typhoon, and 27 will be suspended. Reporters from the Xiamen Kinmen route five dock learned, affected by the typhoon, five dock 26 PM 18:30 Xiamen to Kinmen Marco Polo 1 flight cancelled; five dock all suspended for 27 days. The effect of antecedent typhoon "Meranti", Xiamen jinmenroute in 14 to 16 days was suspended, and 17 days to resume service so far, mostly for the 20 day round-trip flight, so far has not yet fully recovered 36 day before the flight. Although, the Xiamen Kinmen route has not fully recovered, but according to the data released by the five terminal, every day the number of visitors and the basic flat before the flight is normal, just past weekend is to reach more than 5000 passengers every day. Therefore, Xiamen jinmenroute suspended, is expected to bring inconvenience to people from both sides. Responsible for the benefit of the frontier inspection station Xiamen jinmenroute also said that once the Xiamen jinmenroute resume, according to the needs, additional staff, open channel, guarantee the smooth clearance of Xiamen jinmenroute. (end)相关的主题文章: