Lazy with English blind father and son for the first time abroad Malaysia tour in Sabah (2) – touris 爱多vcd

Lazy with English blind father and son for the first time abroad Malaysia tour in Sabah (2) – Sohu DAY2 2013-11-01 Winston tourism mangrove has been living in the city, I feel hadn’t seen a firefly, three year old children don’t know what a firefly, want to let the kids can contact the nature and animal. So we set the Sabah proboscis monkey firefly + + Winston mangrove ecological day trip on the internet. The trip started in the afternoon, so it was empty again in the morning. Take the child personally feel really do not rush the trip, how comfortable how to come, so we have always been a holiday travel interspersed with travel. Mr. is in a sense is a man, housework than my master, he asked to go to the shopping market by local, but not Kota Kinabalu City, from our hotel is also very close from the map, we will walk to the shopping market. Look, the fish is so big! My favorite crab, a gentleman, says it’s cheaper than too much. Walk around the market we went fishing dock to see, to see the blue sea, I envy, I have been living here as a fisherman. Wexten mangrove mangrove Winston Kota Kinabalu is one of the three major mangrove wetland, located in the suburbs, in the past more than 2 hours away from the city. The tour guide and the driver arrived at the gate of the hotel at 2 p.m.. One way to look at the outskirts of Sabah scenery, listen to the tour guide in Malaysia people’s daily life is also very interesting, during a tour guide in a market stopped, we bought the roasted bananas in the small vendors here, sweet and fragrant, the taste is very good. This day the weather was bad, halfway up the Yin God, people could not help but worry about the next trip is not as usual, will lead all the way over, not to see the fireflies and proboscis monkey. Finally arrived at the terminal, but the weather is better in time. The fishermen living on the pier look a little shabby, Sabah is very close to Philippines, it is said that some fishermen come from Philippines. Tropical amorous feelings. Fishermen’s children seem to have a low standard of living, but they are happy. One is swimming master, playing very hi. We started looking for a boat tour arrangement proboscis monkey tour. The proboscis monkey is a unique animal in Southeast Kalimantan, in Sarawak and Sabah, a large number of mangrove forest harvesting has been seriously destroyed much of the remaining proboscis monkey habitat, the number of proboscis monkey is less and less, guide us in advance to play the shot said it is likely to meet with the proboscis monkey. Fishermen in the fishing. But how can we do so unlucky, boats in the river, in the guide under the guidance, we still see the proboscis monkey figure. Everybody breath, try not to make a sound, so as not to disturb the proboscis monkey, let it escape. The proboscis monkey louse in helping each other. Super mosquito tropical rain forest, go to Winston firefly tour visitors should wear long pants, good anti mosquito medicine preparation. This.相关的主题文章: