From Wuxi to the world – the 2016 World Expo held in tin dnf商人吧

From Wuxi to the world — the 2016 World Internet Expo successfully held in tin Phoenix Technology News October 30, 2016 afternoon, Internet Expo press conference held in Wuxi Kempinski Hotel, this means that the 2016 Internet Expo three day officially opened the curtain. After three days, around the world of things Wuxi summit, the main forum to the Internet of things + China made the Wuxi summit of the eight sub forum has been held in the first place. At the same time, "the third National University Internet application innovation contest" and "networking applications and products exhibition" and other activities carried out simultaneously, two wings, together constitute the world networking event. The Expo embodies the consensus of the industry to strengthen international cooperation. To promote the establishment of a standardized global Internet of things standard system, push the application of a higher level of networking as the goal, and jointly promote the progress of the world of things technology and industrial development. As the theme of the conference, the era of innovation and the United States, sharing the wisdom of the world, as said, innovation and sharing, as the key word for the whole thing expo.   Summit;   the future has been to the world, things start from Wuxi can be said that the Internet is following the Internet and mobile communication, another wave of information industry, put forward the "self perception of Wen China since things are included in one of China’s five major strategic emerging industry. Pointed out that the Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang attended the summit, "the Internet of things will become an important strategic fulcrum leveraging Jiangsu’s economic transformation, promote economic transformation, we need to hold a new round of technological and industrial revolution trend, upgrading and transformation of traditional industries, vigorously develop the new economy. Among them, the development of the Internet of things is our priority, but also a major strategic option." Jiangsu Taifeng feldspar said, "the world because of things more wisdom, more wonderful life because of things, the development trend of Jiangsu will actively adapt to the new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution, to further promote the construction of the wisdom of Jiangsu, efforts in the country of things play a leading and exemplary role in the overall development." The networking event makes the global wisdom big coffee feast of the Expo brought together many guests, is the highest realm of things is the largest national exposition. The leader of the global networking and related industries in Wuxi, star studded, which contains many academicians and renowned experts at home and abroad, attending guests and exhibitors of the enterprises involved in the United States, Russia, Britain and other 23 countries and regions. This is big coffee feast full of surprise. China Huai Jinpeng, Deputy Minister of industry and information technology ministry pointed out that Chinese networking is accelerating into the new stage of the development of cross-border integration, integrated innovation and norms, networking is the preferred layout of new direction and focus in the industrial revolution; Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni Guangnan in the exclusive interview said after the participants, the Internet of things in the application well, coming from the government and enterprises in the core technology level, pay more attention to the pursuit of a breakthrough, things do better in Chinese; Wu Hequan, Academy of Sciences is put forward, it should be said that Chinese networking development is still relatively stable, and particularly stressed the need to implement the networking education, in practice.相关的主题文章: