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Maxivista songs, I just take this article – long hair mother Carol maternal Sohu points on more than 1 thousand and 200 books, children’s songs to listen to audio free home Andy has been nearly three months, Kazakhstan mother emotion in the year of enlightenment in English "ignorance" to miss out on Dabao English Enlightenment, and decided to carry out a the Enlightenment of Andy planning. Many mothers think songs is not always listen repeatedly, what skills can be put to play songs live, and mother to kazakhstan. – – – with songs of English Enlightenment benefits: 1 to stimulate interest in learning the language easy to understand, while children sentence repetition, rhyme, rhythm, harmony and rhythmic, catchy, easy to learn to listen, to help children better familiar with the new language, to cultivate children’s sense of language. Therefore, songs can stimulate children’s interest in learning english! 2 scenarios corresponding to increase vocabulary songs and a large number of repeated stimulation, can help children establish and find the corresponding situation in life, increase their vocabulary and resonate. It is recommended to use the songs songs? The input and the fragmentation of time fixed time with absorption according to the child’s age, fixed time every day, for example, in the child’s emotional good morning, not too long time, generally in about 20 minutes, a long time, children prone to fatigue, but also easy to dislike songs. The fragmentation of time refers to the proper insertion of songs in life in some situations, then enhance the child’s psychological experience. Selective repeat in parents choose to listen to the children’s songs for the album, children can observe the child when listening to the preferences of tracks, then repeated in a short time. And other children have mastered the content of the song, parents can then update the tune, and with the child’s age and the appropriate increase in repertoire. In the form of diversification to stimulate ha mother felt close to life’s songs is easy to get children resonance, such as good morning good songs and games like song. In addition for the jumping rhythm of the songs also deeply love children, but also for sports and games in listening at the same time, Why not?. In addition to the song class, parents can also with children "interactive finger rhymes", can promote parent-child relationships! Songs in different ages of 0-1 years old usage: the introduction stage this stage can choose to get up early, ask the song repertoire of goodnight song, song and Rhythm Gymnastics simple finger play to their parents, and singing as the main input form. 1-2: listening stage into songs listening stage, may be appropriate to increase the repertoire, playing in a better mood, child free, parents can guide the children to sing together. 2 years old: listening stage because the children have been able to better interact with parents, listening stage can be performed songs, songs is enlarged in everyday life. Well, like Xie相关的主题文章: