World Bank Deputy Governor multilateralism is the only way to solve the problem of Globalization 纪元1701

The vice president: the only way to solve the problem of globalization multilateralism is Sina Financial News Beijing time on the morning of October 7th, World Bank vice president and chief executive Yang Shaolin IMF will attend the discussion on globalization and multilateralism. Yang Shaolin stressed the importance of multilateralism, and urged all countries to work together to face global issues. Yang Shaolin said that how to promote multilateralism is an important topic of concern for the world bank for many years. Although the positive role of globalization is undeniable, it still has its limitations. The current society is facing global challenges such as climate change, plague, refugees, and no single country can solve these problems alone. Therefore, it is essential for multinational cooperation, each country needs to integrate resources, mobilize funds, joint responsibility, the goal of inclusive growth efforts. Yang Shaolin stressed the importance of investment in education, health care, social security, poverty reduction, environmental protection, etc.. But it is not enough to promote multilateralism; the support of the government policy, the operation of the independent management agencies, and appropriate safeguards are essential to the solution of global problems. He said: "we need to invest in the future, for our future generations to consider, make long-term decisions." Finally, Yang Shaolin mentioned in today’s world, there is still no electricity in developing the lives of 1 billion 200 million people, 4 billion people have no network, the regional development gap between large countries beyond people’s imagination, the infrastructure needs huge investment to make up for. Therefore, to solve the problem of globalization must be resolved through the promotion of multilateralism. (Wei Tianchen, Feng Hao from Washington) to enter the [Sina Finance shares] discussion相关的主题文章: