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The general said | armored power cabin tanks not only teach you to see more _ heart Road Phoenix military power cabin design from the top level of the tank industry level judge Liu Xiaofeng the tank engine represents a national high power vehicle power system. From the engine in the car layout, and even can see a country’s tank industry level. The "female tiger" heavy infantry fighting vehicles using the Merkava chassis. Front engine is willing to give up the road, the vast majority of tanks are used engine rear layout. But in the late 70s of last century, some points of view, the engine pre program is considered to be able to provide good security for the occupants of the vehicle. It is positive, the engine can suffer against a blow as armor when, even if the vehicle scrapped, the probability of occupant injury will be reduced. After the actual test, the front engine design was successful in Israel Merkava tanks. After decades of continuous development of tank protection measures, the engine of the tank in front of the security of the tank compared with the post program, the protective advantage is not obvious. But with the armored vehicle general concept of continuous development, the front engine scheme can be derived from the main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored vehicles and other equipment in the car with a vehicle chassis, battlefield maintenance will become more and more simple. "Female tiger" armored car is using the old "Merkava" type I chassis converted to. This relies on the idea of improving the old tanks greatly save Israel’s defense budget, so there are some domestic view that the old 59 tanks can also be converted to heavy armored vehicles. But the successful experience of "Merkava" is not necessarily suitable for type 59. Israel is completely western ideas, the tall, upgrade space is large; 59 is the old Soviet Philosophy, the pursuit of the body is low, limited space inside the car, two car modification potential is limited, there is essential difference from the beginning of the design. For the convenience of passengers on and off, infantry fighting vehicles need the engine moved to the car first, and to design new doors at the rear. According to the Soviet tanks in the past, the complexity of the internal design, the light is moving this one, the workload is not less than the redesign of an armored car. In addition to the "moving", and "installed" problem. 59 years of age did not take into account the comfort, and now the infantry fighting vehicles have air-conditioning. As a result, the layout of the outdoor air conditioner is a big problem, if embedded in the side of the vehicle, the car will make the space more narrow, the infantry seat will not be arranged. Most of the active tank engine with rear layout, pictured as a maintenance of T-72 tanks. Most of the rear mounted engines are rear mounted. If the transmission is not very mature, the designer will generally be the engine’s power output shaft to the rear of the car, which is known as the "engine": from the turret to the rear of the engine is the direction of the engine, fan, gearbox. There is no relation between the transverse and longitudinal of the engine and the front or rear of the engine. In theory, there are four types of layout of the engine of the tracked vehicle chassis. The advantages of the engine horizontal layout is that parts can be arranged in accordance with the natural flow of gas and liquid, the interference between each component is less, where the bad"相关的主题文章: