The typhoon left Xiamen two hundred million loss of more than 20 thousand trees 乃々果花

The typhoon left Xiamen two hundred million loss of more than 20 thousand trees, 15 am, the strong typhoon "Meranti" positive hit Xiamen. Located in the sea, beautiful scenery of the Xiamen University, was blown messy". According to a Xiamen University spokesman Xu Jingong introduced, the loss of trees about more than 20 thousand trees, of which up to 60% Xiangan campus lodging. After the reconstruction, a small story, showing the beauty of Xiamen University is not only the beauty of the natural environment, but also in the excellent campus culture nurtured by the beauty of humanity. Volunteers of the "most beautiful campus" "open the window, like the feeling of crying, my most beautiful campus." School of economics Xiamen University Student Mei Yiteng said. 17 at noon, he and his classmates are cleaning the typhoon "Meranti" impact on the campus left off branches and leaves. The hot sun, his back was soaked with sweat. "In front of the dormitory is a tree, and now the tree is not, so that people feel distressed." Sophomore Chen Bangjie said that he was cleaning the arm is sawdust. Xiamen, college students will graduate, Youth Volunteer Action Guidance Center in the aftermath of the disaster to all students initiative: participate in the dormitory, College Park, teaching building, public area cleaning cleaning work, restore clean and comfortable learning environment as soon as possible; actively participate in campus environmental restoration work, to assist the relevant departments of the school unit cleaning the campus. In order to maintain the campus." Originally wanted to convene 100 people, did not expect a down to the more than and 300." Senior student Lv Chaoqun said. The student volunteers with a broom, garbage bags, garbage removal and help clean the leaves and branches and trees from the dormitory to Furong Furong Lake; from the tunnel to the Lotus Restaurant dongyuan…… Xiamen not only beautiful, but also more beautiful." As the "senior" Lv Chaoqun said with emotion, some leaves soaked in water for a long time, some girls will rot, hands out. Although the calamity, Xiamen is still the most beautiful campus. "This is our own school, the disaster, we have the responsibility to Xiamen to build more beautiful." Junior Su Caili said. Xiamen nearly 400 national defense students almost all out, they voluntarily commandos, clean up the garbage. "These students can help us a lot." Xiamen logistics staff Cui Yonglong said, after the typhoon, garbage, leaves and broken branches in particular, student people more power, greatly reducing the burden on them. "Tree climbing team" of the professional cleaning Xiamen has a "tree climbing team", once caused widespread media attention. In the post disaster reconstruction of the campus, they show a level of professional cleaning. "This lodging a lot of trees on the main road, the crane can drive up elevator for cleaning, but many local car does not come in, these high trees need a professional cleaning technology." With the international tree climbing occupation qualification Xiamen teacher Zheng Daxiong said. "We are closely related to the trees and, after the typhoon, to view the campus trees, see some cut, some were uprooted, a" heart plug. "." Zheng Daxiong said that these broken branches not only affect the appearance of trees, but also affect safety. Zheng Daxiong immediately led his climbing team to use professional.相关的主题文章: