Ice wash empty fall a large number of foreign home appliance brand in China suffered life and death 嘿嘿taxi

Ice wash empty fall: a large number of foreign home appliance brand in China suffered a life and death this year, a large number of foreign home appliance brands, the Chinese market is experiencing an unprecedented depth reshuffle. In the domestic home appliance giant scale manufacturing, low cost, full marketing channel "three sword frequently attack, a large number of so-called" high-end market "retreat of foreign-funded enterprises, and retreat to retreat? Author: Zhou Jian   source: home appliance circle this year, a large number of foreign home appliance market in China is experiencing a new round of development". The main performance is in the depth adjustment phase China appliance market competition and development patterns, is suffering from a "double amount down" situation, a lot of foreign appliances in the China market is suffering from "cliff" down. From more than third market monitoring mechanism, for the first 8 months of this year Chinese appliance retail market data show that: in the industry overall growth, or up in the background, most foreign home appliance brand is not accidental fall; in the industry as a whole fell under the background of many foreign home appliance brand is cliff fall a few foreign appliances decline even as high as 45%-58%, super imagination. Also reflects the difficult and difficult of the entire Chinese home appliance market. Air conditioning, in the air conditioner market, Panasonic, MITSUBISHI motors, Daikin, MITSUBISHI heavy industry, represented by foreign brands, the original market share has become smaller and smaller. Especially in GREE, Midea, Haier press, Hisense Kelon, AUX, CHIGO six domestic air-conditioning business, it is difficult to stand up. This year, in the industry, the amount of retail sales were achieved 0.24%, 1.06% up, GREE air-conditioning, retail sales amounted 3.67%, 7.02% growth in the background, Daikin retail volume, volume 15.3%, down 10.7% respectively; air conditioning, the amount of retail volume were 35.55%, down 28.17%; MITSUBISHI heavy industries, retail sales volume there were 24.11%, down 23.57%; among them, the original hope air conditioning, or as high as 30%. Although, Matsushita said earlier will be fought in China high-end market, but according to the current market competition, the future living space in the Chinese ocean air conditioning market where it is not clear. Refrigerator at the same time, in the refrigerator market, the industry suffered a total volume fell, the overall retail sales of the industry, the amount fell 7.41%, respectively, 6.46%. But the refrigerator retail volume, beautiful, but contrarian growth of 1.94% and 1.02% respectively; Matsushita, SIEMENS, Samsung, LG, Electrolux and a number of foreign brands are no suspense fell. Among them, Matsushita refrigerator retail volume, volume 9.45%, down 0.19% respectively; SIEMENS refrigerator, retail sales amount were 6.13%, down 2.73%; Samsung refrigerator retail volume, volume 27.92%, 28.44% respectively, down; LG refrigerator retail volume, volume 25.47%, down 27.52% respectively; Electrolux refrigerator retail volume, volume 44.78%, respectively. 58.9!相关的主题文章: