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Postpartum depression how far? There is no way off? Sohu maternal and child in September 16th, Qiao Renliang KIMI suspected of suicide because of depression. A message, the public opinion pan fried, depression, accompanied by the star’s Dutch act again into the public view, postpartum depression, is a popular word among postpartum mothers, all hospitals directly set up for having heard it many times, some psychological consultation room in obstetrics, but does not mean everyone for having heard it many times to be able to understand postpartum depression, postpartum depression and that people are expressing some what. With the maternal aging and raising the cost increase, raising children pressure well known. I have many, before and after birth, to his life, there are a variety of questions, confused and tangled in the role of the family, the following table nine: measurement of postpartum depression symptoms, how many of you? 1 emotions are often very low. 2 the spirit in a highly excited (irritated) or blocking state. 3 lack of interest or pleasure in all or most activities. 4 when we feel meaningless or guilt. 5 weight decreased or increased significantly. 6 insomnia or excessive sleep. 7 often feel tired or lack of energy. 8 thinking drops or lax attention. 9 recurring ideas or Dutch act of infanticide. Self testing way 3 and below: only 2 and below hemp, no postpartum depression, I have at this time, there are some emotional and physical exhaustion is normal. If thinking slack, physical weakness, there may be on too much work, not enough rest caused. 3, 4: in this state hemp, belong to mild depression, this time Ma Ma is accumulated inside pressure, tired a little more time, usually do not pay attention to rest and relax, if you continue to put yourself in a state of depression, depression may worsen upgrade alert. 5, 7: 5-7 in a word (which must have 1 or 2 has lasted more than 2 weeks), I have already affected the life. Can be seen as moderate depression, psychological counseling should seek help! If necessary, take care of the baby in the case of antidepressants, to avoid further deterioration. 8 and above: if I have to this step, and a long time in such a state, is a severe depression, the body is likely to have been compromised and influence, I have actually been unable to control their emotions, feeling the pain, also can appear the idea of infanticide or Dutch act even the illusion. At this time, must accept the counselor or even identification of psychiatrists, according to the guidelines and related medication and treatment. The above test is for reference only, if you want to be more professional measurement and confirmation, we must go to a regular psychological institutions or hospitals! Antidepressant medication is generally recommended, as well as running, because the focus can be anti depression. The inverted series of yoga, chest expansion series, hand support system.相关的主题文章: