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Because of less appropriate temperature, Hunan Holiday Travel Channel – Hunan – the weather to this two days ", there is a sudden change in the situation" weather a little capricious, but in the "eleven" holiday, most of the time will become an invigorating autumn climate, day Gao Yundan good weather. The provincial meteorological observatory is expected during the national day, 1 to 2, from other areas cloudy with showers weather, cloudy, late in the province to mainly cloudy sunny, conducive to the overall travel. In the last 4 days, the temperature of the afternoon in Changsha fell from 34 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius. The fall rhythm made people mistaken that autumn was over. Not only cooling down, but also a strong wind of passion in the past few days. Yesterday, wind speed in Changsha, Changde, Shaoshan and Chenzhou reached or exceeded 17 m sec. Changde appeared at 21 o’clock in 11. This is the power of the typhoon "catfish" with the cold air from the north. The provincial meteorological observatory is expected in Xiangxi on 30 cloudy to cloudy, cloudy with light rain in other regions, eastern Hunan local rain. During the national day of the rain less, appropriate temperature. In October 1st eastern Hunan showers, locally moderate rain, other areas cloudy cloudy; 2 days from local showers, among other areas cloudy sunny; 3 to 7 most of the time and area to cloudy to sunny weather in the morning, 3 days to 5 days, in eastern and southern parts of the fog of hunan. The expert reminds, affected by cold air, the National Day period of low temperature, most areas will appear "cold dew wind", the need to strengthen the prevention of the adverse impact on Rice Heading South Hunan agriculture yanghwa etc.. Besides, the weather and air quality in most parts of the National Day holiday are good, suitable for traveling and outdoor activities. From 3 to 5, fog is also observed in the early morning, and traffic safety is high. (reporter correspondent Zhou Yuegui Zhang Qian) (Luo Shuai Lu, commissioning editor: Zeng)

雨日较少气温适宜,湖南长假天气利于出行–湖南频道–人民网   这两天“风云突变”,天气有点小任性,不过到了“十一”假期,大部分时候又会变回秋高气爽、天高云淡的好天气。省气象台预计,国庆期间,1至2日,湘东有阵雨天气,其他地区阴天转多云,中后期全省以多云间晴天为主,整体利于出行。   近4天,长沙午后的气温从34摄氏度一路跌至15摄氏度,这样的下跌节奏,让人错以为秋天也要过完了。不光有降温,这几天我们还感受了一把狂风的“豪情”,昨天长沙、常德、韶山、郴州等地风速都达到或超过17米 秒,常德在11时许还出现了21米 秒的大风。这样的威力,是台风“鲇鱼”与北边来的冷空气联手炮制的。   省气象台预计,30日湘西阴天到多云,其他地区阴天有小雨,湘东局部中雨。国庆期间全省雨日较少,气温适宜。10月1日湘东部分地区有阵雨,局部中雨,其他地区阴天间多云;2日湘东局部有阵雨,其他地区多云间晴天;3日至7日全省大部分时段和地区以多云到晴天天气为主,其中3日至5日清晨,湘东、湘南部分地区有大雾。   专家提醒,受冷空气影响,国庆前期气温低,大部分地区将出现“寒露风”,需加强防范对湘南地区晚稻抽穗杨花等农业方面带来不利影响。此外,国庆假期省内大部分时段天气状况和空气质量良好,适宜出行和户外活动;3日至5日清晨有雾注意交通安全;后期森林火险等级较高,需注意防范。(记者 周月桂 通讯员 张倩) (责编:曾璐、罗帅)相关的主题文章: