Network aeration Jane Zhang mother open letter refers to the quasi son-in-law Feng Ke deceive-dnf商人吧

Net exposure Jane Zhang’s mother’s open letter means a quasi son-in-law, Feng Ke deceived Jane Zhang and embezzled the stock. People’s network Hainan windows — Jane Zhang Jane Zhang, Feng Ke grew up with Liangying and grew more and more passionate about music. She went to a music house in Chengdu alone as a resident singer when she was only 19 years old in 2003. When Liangying and Feng Ke met, the man walked into her life. At that time, Feng Ke knew Liangying through a music house, a female singer named Yao. He thought Liangying was singing very well and wanted to make her a package. Liangying was also a little girl, who was very happy after hearing it. After a period of time, Liangying brought Feng Ke to me, and the two said he wanted to communicate. At that time, Feng Ke told Liangying that he had been divorced for three years. I don’t believe him too much, because Feng Ke’s feeling is quite different. I don’t think he can divorce. But Liangying said to me, "believe it or not, anyway, people have been divorced for three years." Liangying and I grew up with each other, each mother to their child protection well, of course I don’t want her to be cheated, for what Feng Ke said I have been confirmed later half believe and half doubt everything, is a lie, and similar lies in thirteen years has been accompanied by. (commissioning editor Xing Dandan and Chen Haiyan) 网曝张靓颖母亲公开信 指准女婿冯轲欺骗张靓颖侵吞股份–人民网海南视窗–人民网   张靓颖 冯柯   随着长大靓颖对于音乐的热爱也越来越浓烈。她独自去成都的一家音乐房子做驻场歌手时是2003年,当时她只有19岁,就是那时靓颖和冯轲结识,这个男人走入了她的生活。当时冯轲通过音乐房子一个姓姚的女歌手来认识靓颖,觉得靓颖唱歌很不错,想要包装打造她,靓颖也不过是一个小女生,听了后特别高兴。过了一段时间,靓颖便把冯轲带到我面前,二人表示想要交往,当时冯轲跟靓颖说自己已经离婚三年了。我却并不太相信他的话,因为冯轲给人的感觉还算是有模有样的,我觉得他不可能离婚,但是靓颖却对我说:“信不信由你,反正人家已经离婚三年了。”靓颖从小跟我相依为命,每个母亲都想把自己的孩子保护得好好的,我当然不希望她被人骗了,对于冯轲说的话我也一直都是半信半疑,后来证实者一切都是谎言,而类似的谎言十三年来一直伴随着。 (责编:邢丹丹、陈海燕)相关的主题文章: