Long plant high speed fire alarm for 16 minutes to extinguish the fire (video)-乃々果花

A long line of high-speed vehicles on fire fire 16 minutes to extinguish the fire (original title: 16 minutes to extinguish the fire truck Takahashi squadron) on the eve of yesterday morning, Zhuzhou speed on a truck on fire, the fire brigade Yuhua District Takahashi squadron after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene. At 23:34, the fire officers arrived at the scene, and found that a license plate number was Xiang A7518 Trailer. The right rear tire was open fire, and the fire is in a stage of intense combustion. It may spread to the vehicle any time, and the situation is very critical. The commander immediately reached the battle order, laid the water gun position, a water gun fire from the end of the car, one from the head of the water to extinguish the fire, to prevent the spread of fire. Under the fire of the water gun, the fire was quickly controlled, and the fire was put out at 23:50. In order to prevent the resurgence, fire fighters continue to cool the still smoldering part. After nearly 1 hours of fighting the fire officers and soldiers, the fire was completely extinguished at 0:20 yesterday morning. At present, the cause of the fire is being further investigated. (Changsha evening news reporter Liu Jun correspondent Feng Bo Photo Report) video recommendation: (video is not related to the content of the article, for extended reading only). The big truck is actually speeding up the train and changing the water cup to "Cup".

长株高速上一货车着火 火警16分钟扑灭大火(原标题:高桥中队16分钟扑灭货车大火)前夜昨晨,长株高速上一辆货车着火,雨花区消防大队高桥中队接到报警后,迅速赶往现场。23时34分,消防官兵到达现场,发现一辆车牌号为湘A7518挂车右后轮胎有明火,火势正处于猛烈燃烧阶段,随时都有可能蔓延到整车,情况十分危急。指挥员立即下达作战命令,铺设水枪阵地,一支水枪从车尾出水灭火,一支从车头出水灭火,防止火势蔓延。在水枪的扫射下,火势很快得到了控制,明火于23时50分被扑灭。为防止复燃,消防战士对仍然存在阴燃的部分继续进行冷却。经过消防官兵近1个小时的奋战,火灾于昨日凌晨0时20分被完全扑灭。目前,着火原因正在进一步调查当中。(长沙晚报记者 刘军 通讯员 冯波 摄影报道)视频推荐:(视频与文章内容无关,仅供延伸阅读) 实拍大货车高速着火 车上水杯变“杯具”相关的主题文章: