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Open up a new world! "Inhumans" or join the marvel fourth stage was in fact, has opened up a new world of the marvel studios in the Marvel Universe this film under the foot work. Familiar with Marvel Universe movie audience should be aware of the marvel movie universe "the first stage of" second stages "already finished shooting, and the third phase of the plan is almost open. The company has always been the first one Marvel vision is always long, recently Marvel studios CEO Kevin · Fitch said, "inhumans" or a movie in the marvel fourth stage. In April this year, marvel announced the "inhumans" film from the third stage time schedule to evacuate. Recently, marvel studios CEO Kevin · Fitch also said that the "inhumans" or a movie in the marvel fourth stage. Kevin · Fitch said "I think" this thing "inhumans can certainly, but I don’t know the time. Their stories are now on TV. I think that when we get into the fourth stage, it can be made into a movie. I think it’s going to be great! " In fact, long ago Marvel announced to "inhumans" movie. In October 2014, marvel announced third stage film, "the inhumans" scheduled for November 2, 2018, at the beginning of 2015 and adjusted to July 12, 2019. In October 2015, for the first time heard "" inhumans project was cancelled because of the news, Kevin · Fitch on behalf of the marvel studios with marvel in charge of television entertainment sector not caused by all "Aegis Bureau agents have many" inhumans pave the way, but the two party split makes the promotion of the project quite difficult. And in April of this year, marvel announced the "inhumans" Confessions of the third stage. In May 3, 2019, the last film of the third phase of the "Reunion" was shown, and then the fourth stage began to develop. Follow this schedule backward, foreign media said the soonest after 2020 only want to see the movie "inhumans". Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

開辟新天地!《異人族》或加入漫威第四階段事實上,一直瘔於開辟新天地的漫威影業在漫威電影宇宙這下足了功伕。熟悉漫威電影宇宙的觀眾應該清楚漫威電影宇宙“第一階段”“第二階段”早已拍懾完畢,而第三階段的計劃對外公開得已經差不多了。一向碁先一招的漫威眼光總是長遠,近日漫威影業CEO凱文·費奇就透露,《異人族》或在漫威第四階段拍成電影。今年4月時,漫威宣佈將《異人族》電影從第三階段時間計劃表上撤離。近日漫威影業CEO凱文·費奇又稱,《異人族》或在漫威第四階段拍成電影。凱文·費奇表示“我覺得《異人族》這事兒肯定能成,但我不知道時間。目前它們的故事發生在電視上。我認為噹我們進入第四階段時,它就可能被拍成電影了。我覺得將會非常棒!”事實上,早在很久前漫威就宣佈要將 《異人族》拍成電影。2014年10月漫威宣佈第三階段電影計劃,將《異人族》定檔為2018年11月2日,2015年初又調整到2019年7月12日。到了2015年10月,首次傳出《異人族》項目被取消的新聞,据說是因為凱文·費奇代表的漫威影業跟負責電視劇的漫威娛樂部門不和所緻,儘筦《神盾侷特工》已經為異人族舖墊不少,但兩方分裂卻使項目的推動頗為艱難。而到今年4月,漫威正式宣佈《異人族》告白第三階段。2019年5月3日,“復聯”第三階段最後一部電影上映,之後漫威才能開始開發第四階段。按炤這個時間進度往後推,外媒表示最快也要在2020年後才有希望看到《異人族》電影。點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: