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Haze days accurate landing! How to make the national secret combat pilot data figure: 50 minutes after takeoff once found the wheels fall at the airport on a flight to Russia recently, Beijing haze caused by large-scale flight cancellations, a Russian plane arrived on time but the net posts again sparked curiosity about "fighting nation" pilot. How exactly are they flying? Is it like the legend of God? Experts believe that there are at least four factors caused by the Russian pilots flying ability. Russian pilot guards magic network performance the night of November 4th, the Beijing area due to severe fog and haze weather, a large number of Capital International Airport Flights delayed or canceled, but the Russian airliner aviation has visibility less than 200 meters thick fog down the blind Airport success. This is not the first time this has happened. Last December, the capital airport because of severe haze, the plane could not be landed, all flights have chosen to return or alternate, while the Russian Airlines flight SU200 not alternate, but hovering in Inner Mongolia 8 times, 93 minutes, the wind blow away the haze after landing in Beijing. In July 11, 2015, the Yangtze River Delta flights by Typhoon "chan-hom" effect of a large number of canceled. WeChat circle of friends crazy turn 99% flights have been canceled, but these companies continue to fly in the super typhoon, a text, including the battle of the Russian National Flight 5. "Global Times" reporter in the Zhuhai airshow times, impressed the Russian pilot performance. In the just concluded Zhuhai show, to show the audience between Russian pilots and man-machine car of one "". Especially the 9 Machine "Kubinka diamond" formation, Su -27 and MIG -29 mixed formation with minimum interval together, looking out over the ground, wing tip between two adjacent machines almost touched each other. This seems to have been completely contrary to the common sense of safety flight formation at the very least, but when the group flew head-on, to discover the secret of the adjacent two machine is not in the same plane flight between a certain height difference, the formation of this technique shows that the Russian pilots bold but cautious. While the Russian pilots flying combat troops to excellent technology, strong will, known for tough action. Russian fighters often intercept military aircraft in a few meters away from the United States and Europe within. The same is true of their own shortcomings, however, a Chinese military expert 7, the Global Times reporter, said the level of Russian pilots have exaggerated ingredients. According to sources, in 2015 during the typhoon during the takeoff and landing of the Russian flight because the weather conditions reached the safety standards, the rational use of the typhoon weather landing window. And not less than 5 airlines in the typhoon landing. Recently the smooth take-off and landing of the fog and haze is not a Russian airlines. According to experts, the BeiJing Capital Airport has a class III blind drop equipment, after the corresponding training and obtain III class blind qualification pilots can be completed at the time of the landing flight. And in 2015 the Russian Airlines flight in Beijing haze were blown, achieve good landing conditions after landing. The reason why the flight over Inner Mongolia 8 hours, should be mainly from the economic angle.相关的主题文章: