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"Changcheng days apprentice" incarnation of the entertainment industry tycoon – fixing Star Entertainment Sohu Changcheng handsome photo Sohu entertainment news IP original musical "Youth Day apprentice" is Beijing hot shot like a raging fire in the strength of the actors in the drama as the Changcheng entertainment star master Ma, has recently completed all play continuous shooting up smoothly. Originally as an actor Changcheng, this time in the drama turned up behind the entertainment star, to experience the double exchange roles, like the play in play, as if there is an entertainment star tycoon style. "Apprentice" tells the story of the day group present the entertainment circle, a group of music carries the dream of young people, in the "Star Entertainment Company" from the practice, to debut story. Since the culture entertainment trainee strategizing natural and ultimately, behind the scenes, and Changcheng interpretation of the horse owner is to help students achieve these exercises the ultimate star dream behind, at the same time, he is also president of the star entertainment company. Fought for many years in the entertainment boss ma not only accumulated rich human resources and great wealth, so he also trained a star making ability, so he created their own star dreamworks. As a senior so behind, Changcheng’s boss is imperative for MA students can create training exercises, for which he also spent a lot of money to transform and packaging these exercises the image of temperament, and focus on training and improving students professional skills training. Not only that, he knows the use of joint operations plan, a star cannot do without a team, find two senior brokers as his right-hand man, strategizing according to their characteristics, so that they can play. At the same time as the supreme leader of the enterprise, he is full of courage and play in the management of the company, in the subordinate to harm the company’s image and interests, he resolutely ruthless, domineering, full of entertainment star tycoon verve. Interestingly, the Changcheng in the play is the reality of life in his brokerage company boss of the prototype, also from the brokerage role actor turned up a second for the boss, the identity of the conversion seemed to make him have more initiative. In this regard, Changcheng Xiaoyan is built for so many years, this time he finally turn to build others, also very enjoyable to play. And through this to the horse owner’s interpretation, let him understand the unknown star rules more in the entertainment circle at the same time, he also laments that pose a rose. I do not know Changcheng in the play are used to build the coup which methods and practice? Known as the entertainment star tycoon will he really true? They really can Changcheng build fame? Please wait and see!相关的主题文章: