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Carman Lee Fu Yuanhui the first round at the beginning of the dream wedding behind when the coach – Carman Lee entertainment Sohu staged "Bride Wars" Sohu entertainment news Chinese first file original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competition king" will be held this Saturday late in the sixth phase of the program, the whole network premiere video 22:30 Sohu. This program will be the five cross-border guests against the knockout stage. Last week, "Helen of Troy" Carman Lee became the most beautiful landlady, staged version of "Kung Fu", not only a large number of adding comedy elements, skillful acting and sincere expression of emotion is even more popular, becoming the fifth champion. The program which group of players will perform "deus ex" successful promotion? Let us wait and see.     Fu Yuanhui’s first coach marine chowhound Olympic dream to help Fu Yuanhui to fish: "I don’t think you salty, you prawns ah!" A strong debut, but also on the "white fish" Kennan had a laugh: "you are so your dream, you should pursue it, I support you!" Have a dream fish let Fu Yuanhui touched, she accepted the fish apprentice at the scene, first became a swimming coach. At the bottom of the Fu Yuanhui did not forget you "chowhound duty, from far away ah mustard sauce!" The tips to the seabed salmon, Arctic Bay scared back again and again, the audience is more applause and laughter to fly. In the face of doubts and ridicule, coach Fu Yuanhui moved out of the "participatory sports spirit, friendship first" behind the competition, salted fish. Whether the salted fish can stand up? What is the result of Fu Yuanhui’s coaching debut? This issue of cross-border comedy king to give you the answer! Carman Lee’s bride war feelings life "the most classic Helen of Troy" Carman Lee in this episode a wedding dress, with a "Fairy" Carman Lee played it attracted the audience’s praise again and again, the comedy convener Xiao Shenyang is excited to temporarily plug language. In this episode, Carman Lee staged a drama of revenge, not only subvert the sweet image challenge villain, a series of action but also let the audience address him enjoyable. In the next show, Carman Lee not only completely into the role, also got the "boyfriend" surprise proposal in the studio, a comedy has reversal story of romance, the atmosphere heats up. In the performance of the interview after the end of Carman Lee said: I was to restore the most authentic performing arts life, as a performing artist sometimes there will be a lot of frustration, but on the stage to show their best side." At the end of the show, Carman Lee also said he would continue to break, and strive to bring you better works. Zhou Xiaoou dreams of the Qing Dynasty became his watch by soil KT in this programme, the incarnation of Zhou Xiaoou Lord Beller with the parrot appearance, limitless scenery. However, this is the moment of style mutation, Huayi body KT became a beggar down, the parrot also lost a big circle, the scene is funny and sad. Waste material in the next image before the performance Zhou Xiaoou swept, the last incarnation of the house guards would rather die than surrender, his excellent acting and touching plot to let the audience greatly. In the interview after the performance.相关的主题文章: