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Build financial "firewall" – the rule of Law — recently, in accepting applicants Liu proposed bribery file query process, Hebei County in Guan province people’s Procuratorate police officers found the Gansu Province Chengguan District of Lanzhou City People’s court to bribery and sentenced to a fine of 100 thousand yuan in April 7, 2010. Accordingly, Guan Procuratorate issued a letter to the solid County Credit Union, and urged the query feedback results application. Subsequently, the Guan County Credit Union to make the loan application shall not handle the decision, and query result application of timely feedback to the hospital, to avoid the credit risk of the financial system. This year, in order to effectively prevent the loan business risk, prevention of bribery criminal record to obtain loans in the loan business in the behavior of people through bribery and other illegal means, to prevent bank staff crimes from the source, the Guan County People’s Procuratorate and the people’s Bank of China solid County branch jointly issued a document, the provisions of the Guan County bank loan individuals or units, will apply for loans to the procuratorate must first apply for bribery file query as a necessary procedure of loan approval, any units or individuals with bribery records of the banks would be prudent or refused to lend, the realization of "prevention". In order to make bribery file query work more convenient and efficient, Guan County procuratorate constantly optimize the query service, innovative query. In view of the current number of bribery inquiry increased year by year trend, in order to ensure the traditional window query flow at the same time, the hospital opened a telephone service, the applicant can query call reservation booking, query results came out, the contractor promptly notify the applicant to receive "the prosecution of bribery file query results to the letter", improve work efficiency save time for the applicant. This system has played a positive role in promoting the safe and stable operation of the credit business. Since the work carried out, the hospital received a total of more than 330 enterprises and individual query time for response rate of 100%, loan amount of 20 yuan, which found two cases of bribery records of the case. "People’s Daily" (November 23, 2016 19 Edition) (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: