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"Feng Zicai" fixing Tak television return true history – "Feng Zicai" from the Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news as the industry leader in a large enterprise, Tak television always remember the beginning of the heart, adhere to create positive theme in pursuit of the perfect creative attitude, well made film and television works, with a pragmatic attitude in the current fierce development. Miscellaneous entertainment market by steady, long-term. This year, Tak television will be more heavy launch of "Feng Zicai" and "flowers and distance" to the two positive energy drama, one is against the law for the first time will star Feng Zicai on the screen of the great patriotic character drama, one is to show the Xinjiang Construction Corps soldiers home, the real life of the history of border bandits at the beginning of the new drama China established. Tak television the fists to attack the patriotic historical drama, trying to introduce the two stream in the war drama field complex. Large patriotic character drama "Feng Zicai" Ma Shaohua plastic fixing patriotic large national hero jointly produced by Guangxi Party Committee Propaganda Department, Guangxi TV, Zhejiang Tak television in the late Qing Dynasty costume drama "Feng Zicai" has been successfully fixing into the production stage, wildly beating gongs and drums. The play as the main background at the end of the nineteenth Century Sino French war, mainly tells the story of the national hero Feng Zicai in the face of national crisis in return after guoqiuguhen, coming out again, a anti law alliance with Liu Yongfu, led the people of all ethnic groups in Guangxi against the enemy Fenshen protect our homes and defend our country, patriotic story of shame. Feng Zicai for the late Qing Dynasty against the law, in the battlefield on the top of the first soldiers, led the soldiers made the modern history of China and the United States and Europe, the only victory of the invaders. But such a national hero in the history of the past but rarely show". This time, Feng Zicai as the protagonist was first on the screen, showing the China people, in the face of invading forces protect our homes and defend our country against external shame determination and sacrifice, be neither humble nor pushy national spirit. For Feng Zicai as the hero of this image, the strength of the school actor Ma Shaohua bluntly pressure Alexander, and even played a greater effort than before playing a corner of the corner of the heart of the more than one of the more powerful, such as the role of the president of the people’s Republic of China in the future. Ma Shaohua said: "in the process of close to the people. I am increasingly obsessed with the patriotic general legend, his life is full of ups and downs, can compose and perform military exercises, a Confucian culture of conquering and transforming the hero." The drama directed by renowned director Ding Hei, assembled Ma Shaohua, Si Kehua, Jiang Kai, Wei Zi, band, Wang Qianhang, and many other coke just coffee star, wonderful story with strong cast, I believe we will obtain the widespread attention. "In Qitai on the flower and the distance" Xinjiang boot Wang Zhifei Jiang Wenli reproduction touching the Corps of life by Tak television invested heavily in shooting of large Corps life drama "flowers and distance" on the front, is expected to start in mid September in Xinjiang Shihezi two months of shooting, released in October 2017. The play by the famous director Ding black producer, director Bao Chengzhi, Wang Zhifei, starring Jiang Wenli, from 1952 to 1964 in Xinjiang corps of life as the background, mainly tells the story of the last century to the early 50s Shandong female corps, and the Corps of soldiers with reclamation, construction of Xinjiang moving story. In order to let the actors to understand the corps.相关的主题文章: