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On your marks! 15 Department officers all military organs appeared (Figure) original title: On your marks! 15 Department officers all military authorities unveiled today, with Qin Shengxiang as the director of military reform and the establishment of office message confirmation. The military authorities of 15 departments and officers, all unveiled! According to the general principles of military battle, military services, theater pipe and main building, the headquarters of military organs to multiple departments, the general staff, General Political Department, the General Logistics Department, assembly and other 4 headquarters, to the 7 part (Office), 3 Committee, 5 affiliated institutions, a total of 15 departments.   15 new departments to adjust the formation of different levels, not only the number of changes, but also means that the level of change. In January 29th this year, the "Liberation Army Daily published sixth edition of" military organs to adapt to the new system of four test solution "one said, after the reform, the authorities reduced the levels, reduce the number of leadership positions," the military authorities to take the lead in reducing a more streamlined, board leadership level, generally lower level institutions, large number of personnel and personnel compression mechanism". The governor of Chang’an Avenue (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) has previously been introduced, CMC authorities16functional departments set up, as the Department officers of the general level is not the same for all. From the current situation of public reports, the level of the Department is also different, which has a large area is positive, but also a large area, but also a certain proportion of the District Deputy units. Relative to the level of the original four headquarters, the new functional departments of these 15 levels generally reduced. Department of architecture "as" the central ministries changed before the military authorities, divided two headquarters, Department, bureau, bureau chief of staff of the following four levels. After the formation of the military reform department, bureau, at the three levels of structure, consistent with the central ministries architecture. For example, at the beginning of the Chinese medical science and technology award 2015 annual meeting, Li Qingjie, the Secretary of the Military Logistics Department of the Ministry of health to attend and award, he was the general secretary of the Ministry of health. Changed after the CMC development department as Secretary for equipment contract supervision bureau Ceng Youming, previously served as director of Research Department of the Ministry of assembling a comprehensive plan and other duties. Changes in the name of the two generals can be seen from the original headquarters of their organization, the two level, the Bureau of affiliation, the level of this level has disappeared two. The management structure of the Central Military Commission also tends to be flat". After the original four headquarters officers still correspond to the new department leaders adjustment, the original headquarters of the four officers, still served as the new Department "corresponding to the number one". Chief of staff Fang Fenghui, served as chief of the joint staff; the general political department director Zhang Yang, director of Political Department; general logistics department minister Zhao Keshi, served as Minister of logistics department; political commissar of the General Armament Department Minister Zhang Youxia, Wang Hongyao, still serving as Minister of the Ministry of equipment development, political commissar. Except Wang Hongyao, the other 4 officers, or members of the Central Military commission. The governor of Chang’an Avenue (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) found that the officers of various departments, there are 3 people from the original four headquarters. They are: Military Commission Secretary Du Jincai, was previously deputy director of the general political department and army discipline committee; director of the science and Technology Committee Liu Guozhi, director of the science and Technology Committee after assembly; strategic planning office director Wang Huiqing, the former chief of staff, Minister of strategic planning.相关的主题文章: