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Liu Wei movie series against telecommunications fraud has unique soul – Sohu entertainment Liu Weizhou: pay attention to prevent deception led off the Liu Wei movie series against telecommunications fraud actress Liu Weizhou Sohu entertainment news recently, by the strength of the actors Liu Weizhou in the first Chinese anti telecommunications fraud series movie "cat and mouse", "unforgivable", "strange number", "love" and "evil" puzzle calls have been low-key fixing, the film will be the multi angle display of police and high-tech criminals wits, profound analysis of crime means and psychology, and secret telecommunications fraud in the whole process, Liu Weizhou played against telecommunications fraud police group to show justice clever, brave police image with the strength of acting, expect the introduction of a character study. Liu Weizhou: pay attention to prevent deception off the series of films will be led by Hongkong director Peng Shun, Chen Zhuoxian, Zang Xichuan, mainland director Wang Ran four directed by actor Liu Weizhou, in addition to participating strength, mainland actor He Minghan, Wang Ruizi starred in the movie series of male and female, Zhang Meng, Ji Chen, Andrew Lien, He Jiayi, Wang Wanjuan, Tan Kai also served as the main the role in the film series, cast production of luxurious and novel themes to make the film not broadcast before the fire, attracted a lot of attention of users. The film will be full of three-dimensional character design, ups and downs of the story, a true reproduction of the Internet era can not see the enemy’s "air war". Among them, Liu Weizhou plays the police to Gaoming is different from the past, the criminal case, the film with the economic case, Liu Weizhou said, now the network is developed, telecommunications fraud is rampant, hope that through a fraud case in the film caused by the mass of network security and Telecommunications deception concern and attention, in order to prevent fraud. After several days of hard film, the hard makes all the more creative unity, actor Liu Weizhou drying out a photo with all the actors, looks very love. The screen is a jagged tough guy, the stage is the strength of the actor, life is the metrosexual man uncle, image of the amazing actor Liu Weizhou let every character has a unique soul, the clever to play, in many of his works is very stylized, have to say is a fresh attempt to burst table expectations, high-profile.相关的主题文章: