Beautiful Weiyang Tang Yan depression waves exposure Pearl Zhenghui Trailer (video)-helmet怎么读

"Beautiful" Weiyang Tang Yan depression waves exposure "Pearl Zhenghui Trailer [] the first exclusive" beautiful "Pearl" Weiyang Zhenghui Trailer: Tang Yan Heihua assassination princess? Tencent entertainment news broadcasting by Huace Hatton’s approaching, Hatton media, film and television, Feng Jing Leroy Entertainment Co produced, directed by renowned director Li Huizhu, Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Mao Xiaotong, Li Xinai and other domestic the strength of popular actor starred in drama "Brocade embroidered costume giant system Weiyang" continued exposure of a high-energy, "pearl shine" trailer. As the story has been further demonstrated, in the sense of intrigue as flower mist blowing, and the picture of strong interaction with the rhythm, let the breath and heartbeat of the mixed experience erupted every second not to be missed. With the lens slowly across the screen, the plot gradually floating on the surface of the water. With the previous film is different, Li Weiyang (Tang Yanshi) style mutation, eye brow showed a malicious fierce, pull the bead Chai stab Princess breathtaking scene, such as battlefield Xiuluo a flooded breath of death. Li Changru (Mao Xiaotong) said they look seemingly indifferent, troubled, trick strife impassive, ruthless scheming consistent with the gentle image hidden isspicy face be quite different, people can not help heart a tight. Not only that, after Lee Weiyang helpless and chained and thrown into prison, Tuoba Jun (Luo Jinshi) between the misunderstanding, Li Changru and Li Changle (Li Xin AI ornaments) two sisters took the opportunity to fall, but the storm and up toward the hall on, hidden dangers…… Staggered outside the picture, the climax of the story gradually emerged, but in the end stop trailers. Weiyang Su Yi Wenzhan when moved to tears, leaving many mysteries and suspense at the same time, lets the audience look forward to feeling soaring. It can be said that the "Pearl Zhenghui Trailer plot is the role of the context is more a sudden turn for the worse, the fate of whirling, even with very large contrast of cold feeling and a sense of crisis. It is not difficult to see, in the rhythm of the degree of relaxation collocation, make the story even more full, and lay out the suspense drama also let more engaging more bring to the audience a desire to explore. Trailers, Lee Weiyang one second before and after the heartache of Yin malicious fierce despair in stark contrast to two different rhythm with the response, so users can not predict the plot to stop it. Just two minutes of the trailers, the gold team to create the big drama quality accentuates. In addition, the Golden Eagle goddess Tang Yan, costume male god Luo Jin and the strength to send the actors together deduction, "this year’s most anticipated big costume drama" is constantly improve their own "gravity", and will be three days after the opening of the winter opera boom.相关的主题文章: