Hundred dollar bills piled money mountain Village village Party Secretary million cash dividend (Fig-姉summer

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Hundred dollar bills piled "money mountain": Village village Party Secretary million cash dividend (Figure) in August 27th, Gansu Lintao County Airport Village Party Secretary to the village site edge Guosheng more than and 80 farmers planting seedlings issued dividends. The picture is distributed on the spot. Liu Yutao photo original title: Gansu village a heap millions of "money mountain" dividend of more than 80 seedlings industry farmers (Figure) Lanzhou Beijing, August 28, (reporter Liu Yutao Wei Jianjun) 27, Gansu Lintao County Airport Village Square, Wai Man came to line up to pick up the money of the villagers, the village Party Secretary Bian Guosheng to more than 80 farmers live payment of $5 million 600 thousand cash dividend of trees in the village, most farmers receive 100 thousand yuan bonus. Prior to this, some farmers have received dividends, the total dividend of about 10000000 yuan. The picture for the villagers to onlookers. Liu Yutao photo Gansu Lintao county is known as the "hometown of Diao Chan", "China Huamuzhixiang" said. In 2000, the national response to the policy of returning farmland to forests, try planting seedlings in the agricultural bank loans 300 thousand yuan edge Guosheng, the establishment of nursery stock company. In 2012 to become the airport edge Guosheng village party secretary, he led the people in the village to get rich path, and the villagers in the village of partnership planting seedlings, benefit 55 is divided into some villagers earlier action from the original vegetable crops to plant trees, annual income increase, some year income exceeds 100 thousand yuan. For bank staff counting. Photo by Liu Yutao edge Guosheng, airport villagers more than farmers, over the years to grow vegetables, labor-intensive, little income. In the tree before we do research, the best conditions of the villagers home deposits are not more than 100 thousand yuan. 3 years ago, while exploring Guosheng take farmers out of place, a person, company to provide seedlings, ensure sales "and" zero risk "model to attract farmers to participate in the nursery industry. For every farmer to provide free 400 thousand strains of spruce seedlings, farmers are responsible for field management, after 3 years, farmers will be handed over to the company all the seedlings, taking into account the survival rate of seedlings, seedlings to not less than 380 thousand lines, in accordance with the contract agreement, bonus 300 thousand yuan per household. This 3 year period, the monthly payment of 1000 yuan for every farmer management fee. Figure for the villagers receive dividends. Photo by Liu Yutao edge Guosheng introduction, due to problems of water conservancy facilities, the project delayed for a year, which give the bonus of 300 thousand, the first dividend of 150 thousand yuan per household (the other 50 thousand yuan will be in the near future, the remaining 15 Reissue) was issued next year all red. Lintao County Airport village villagers Zhang Xinhai received 100 thousand dollars, intends to continue to expand the scale of planting seedlings next year. "We only worry about the seedlings in the field, there is no cost, do not worry about sales, the money earned at ease, earn easy." The picture shows the villagers were happy to sit together and chat. Photo by Liu Yutao edge Guosheng, the farmers do not exercise any heart, as long as you can do field management, marketing and risk borne by the company, this eliminates the worries of farmers. Today, the village has more than and 300 acres of seedlings planted in the airport, mainly in spruce, sold to Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places, mainly for landscaping, etc.. Pictured villagers received a photo with the villagers. Photo by Liu Yutao because of stock market price instability, in order to reduce the risk, in recent years, with a 50 yuan Mu edge Guosheng price flow)相关的主题文章: